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    Memorias del Agua - mixed-media installation examinig the cultural history and exploitation of one of the world's greatest and least explored rivers, the Orinoco.

Edgar Moreno, From Viaje al Interior de las Antipodas [Journey To the Heart of the Antipods], n/d

Panton Neke, Ina Ekarayi
Esto no es cuento, es un realto
This is no fairytale, it is an account.

The Yekunas, our bold Indian navigators, were the Phoenicians of the forest. In their voyages, they discovered the union of the Negro River with the Amazon River. they led the famous 1951 French-Venezuelan expidition to the source of the Orinoco River. From an elevated spot in the forest, a small spring arose among some rocks. Right there, the Orinoco, one of the world's largest rivers, was born...

Edgar Moreno, En las Indias Occidental [In the West Indies], 2000

...there followed a hierarchy of the most important toponken (the dressed people) in the Pemon world: First came the cajichana, or aircraft captain, then came the doctor, equally or even more powerful than a piasan or chaman. And since our worlds are dominated by the mass media and tourism has permeated everything with its money, we, the photographers, ranked third among the travelers to the West Indies - beloved for our desire to keep the pristine and romantic side of the forest, and hated for reporting outrageous behaviour and stealing the Indians' souls when photographing them.

Edgar Moreno
From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

LEFT: Edgar Moreno, Los Fuaga de los Tolisaurios Asesinos [The Flight of the Murderous Polysaurs], 1989
RIGHT: Edgar Moreno, El Origen de las Formas [The Origin of Forms], 2002

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