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    Ocean - Korean Artist Jungjin Lee

Jungjin Lee, Ocean 99-06, 1999

Here is a group of images collected under the title Ocean. A word describing a vast body of water - can this title be a joke or have a hidden meaning? The images, unlike their title, don't overwhelm the viewer with a vast stretch of water, the horizon, or threateningly high waves. What is normally considered characteristic of the ocean simply does not show up in Jungjin Lee's images...

Water is simultaneously pure and dark. I feel that what is reflected on the water is the artist's camera or maybe herself. Only then do I consider that maybe the title Ocean points not to the vastness of the water but instead to its invisible depth.

Yoon Huh
From the FotoFest 2004 Catalogue

Jungjin Lee, Ocean 99-42, 1999
Jungjin Lee, Ocean 99-37, 1999

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