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    Bottle - Elaine Duigenan

Elaine Duigenan, Untitled, 2003

Elaine Duigenan works with familiar objects, sometimes they have been discarded, other times they are the things which have been kept and valued. she places them in an environment in such a way as to effect a transformation or bestow status.

The humble plastic water bottle - transparent vessel, symbolic of our quest for health and cleansing. Once discarded on the beach it rolls, wind-blown, scumbled and scuffed by the rocks, lodges for a moment, then caught in the tide, is assualted again. Perhaps this is not just a history of abuse but a legacy in the making.

For me photography has become an 'act of preservation' and the objects I focus on become the locators or igniters of memory. The traces and remnants we find in any landscape can spark recognition. They can even evoke a presence.

Elaine Duigenan

Elaine Duigenan, Untitled, 2003

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