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Celebrating Water. Exploring the Global Crisis.

FotoFest curated and commissioned 29 exhibitions on Water. The exhibitions were selected to articulate different ways in which Water interacts with human life and different ways in which we see Water and its meanings. The selections range from scientific experiments revealing the inner movements of Water to abstract meditations on the spiritual meaning of Water. Documentary and environmental works address the global issue of dams, the massive diversion of rivers to cities, the destruction of natural bodies of Water, and the polluting of the seas. Other works look at the intersection of Water and death and the historic-cultural significance of great rivers. Throughout these selections, there is a focus on the wonder of Water, its power and beauty. The works range from classical two-dimensional imagery to film, installation, and video.

Water is an endangered resource. Fresh water resources and the oceans are being contaminated, misused, and destroyed. Fresh water consumption is growing at twice the rate of population. Since 1950, fresh water demands have tripled and already over half of the world's accessible fresh water resources are being used. Twenty percent of the world's population, 1.1 billion people, still do not have access to safe drinking water. In the ocean, over 90 percent of the large fish species population has been killed off. Estuaries and reefs are disappearing. Water is not only essential to all life and the survival of the planet, it is a vital part of spiritual and creative expression.

Wendy Watriss and Frederick Baldwin
Curators and Artistic Directors, FotoFest

Artist Index
Susan Derges
Institute of Flow Sciences and Andrej Zdravic
Edgar Moreno
Water In The West
Laurie Brown
Robert Dawson
Terry Evans
Geoffrey Fricker
Peter Goin
Wanda Hammerbeck
Sant Khalsa
Mark Klett
Ellen Land-Weber
Sharon Stewart
Martin Stupich

Individual Exhibitions
Kevin Griffin
DoDo Jin Ming
Edward Burtynsky
Valdir Cruz
Andrey Chezhin
Alexey Titarenko
Manuel Pina
Han Sungpil
Bohnchang Koo
Jungjin Lee
David Maisel
Steven Benson
Karen Glaser
Cassio Vasconcellos
Stanley Greenberg
Helen Zout
David Goldes
Andrew Buurman
Elaine Duigenan
Don Glentzer
Ingrid Pollard
Malachi Farrell
Alvaro Leiva
Barry Anderson

Water As Ritual
Phyllis Galembo
Stuart Rome
Christian Cravo

A Personal View
Ernestine Ruben
Barbara Downs
Anne Gabriele
Gina Glover
Julia Hoerner
Corinne Mercadier

Discoveries of the Meeting Place
This was the one non Water-related exhibition mounted by FotoFest 2004. Ten artists were chosen from the previous Meeting Place by a distinguished panel of reviewers.
Sian Bonnell
Vincent Cianni
Brian Finke
Bill Jorden
Thomas Kellner
Elaine Ling
Boris Missirkov and Georgi Bogdanov
A. Leo Nash
Simon Norfolk
Dominic Rouse

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