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   Three Gorges Dam - Stephen Benson's work on the controversial Chineese dam project - the world's largest public works projects.
ABOVE: Steven Benson, Rain, Danning River, 1999
LEFT: Steven Benson, Yangtze River, Fuling, China, 1999

My purpose in traveling the length of the area to be flooded by the Three Gorges Dam, from Chongqing downstream to the dam's construction site, was to create a lasting photographic document of a part of the planet destined to disappear, and to honor the people of this mythic valley that has inspired poets, artists, and philosophers for countless centuries. It is also my hope that this body of work will function as a warning to future generations.

Steven Benson
The Cost of Power in China: The Three Gorges Dam and The Yangtze River Valley

ABOVE: Steven Benson, New Harbor, Chongquing, 1999
LEFT: Steven Benson, Three Gorges Dam Construction, China, 1999

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