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Russian Pictorialism
Sergey Lobovikov. Widow's Elegies, 1907-08Russian Pictorialism brings to the U.S. a period of creative artistic Russian photography almost unknown outside of Russia and still very little known in that country. Although pictorialism was a worldwide phenomenon in late 19th and early 20th century photography, Russian pictorialist photography disappeared from view in the 1930's. Soviet authorities declared the lush views of Russian village life and studies of nudes to be useless, bourgeois and pornographic, and by the mid 1930's, pictorialist photographs couldn't be published in Soviet magazines. The last exhibit of Russian Pictorialism was in 1935.

Vasily Ulitin. Pines, 1925A Russian optical engineer and photographer, Mikhail Golosovsky, is credited with saving it from oblivion. Having seen Russian pictorialist masters in early photo magazines, Golosovsky became interested in their aesthetic ideas, their practice of art for art's sake, and their depiction of life in the Russian countryside. In the 1970's, he began to search for the work of those masters. Today, Golosovsky's private collection is the centerpiece of the revival of Russian Pictorialism.

His collection is the basis of the exhibition curated for FotoFest by Evgeny Berezner, Director for Photographic Projects & Collections for ROSIZO, State Center for Museums and Exhibitions of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, and his colleague Irina Tchmyreva, curator and critic, and Chief Researcher for the Department of Photographic Projects and Collections at ROSIZO.

The exhibit will present masterpieces from Golosovsky's collection as well as vintage material loans from the Kirov State Art Museum and the Sergei Andreyev collection. The vintage works from the 1880's to 1930's will be brought together for the first time at FotoFest 2002.


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