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Photographs of New York,
1947 to 1959, Clemens Kalischer

Clemens Kalischer, The El, NY, 1948. "Photographs of New York, 1947-1959"

Kalischer, a German-born U.S. photographer, was a classic documentarist of the 1940's and 60's. His black and white photographs have the careful formalism often associated with the medium format negative. He worked prolifically in Europe and the United Sates, recording small town life in New England as well as the cities and countryside of Italy, France, and Belgium. But it is his photographs of New York City that are particularly revealing of the energy and optimism of post-war industrial North America -- in the faces of immigrants arriving from Europe, blue-collar workers, and New York street life.
Kalischer worked extensively for news magazines and publications throughout the United States, where he has lived since 1942 when he was able to emigrate to the U.S. from France. In recent years, there has been a strong revival of interest in his work, particularly in Germany where a large exhibition of his New York photographs was shown in 2000. This is the first time that the New York work has been put together for contemporary exhibition in the United States. Kalischer lives and works in Stockbridge, Mass.

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