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FotoFest 2002 Exhibits
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New Technology & Mixed Media
Video projections, Web-based art, DJ performances, digital prints, sculptural works, and handmade books are part of 26 contemporary presentations of Mixed Media and New Technology work sponsored by FotoFest in 2002.

The installations in reconstructed warehouses and downtown buildings are designed to challenge audiences and artists to look at the spectrum of change and evolution with photography and related media.

"We hope to stimulate people to look at the transformation of lens-based imagery," says FotoFest Artistic Director Wendy Watriss. "The movement of the silver gelatin photograph into the fluid space of what the Dutch call "unstable media" is one of the most powerful forces in art today."

One-person and small group presentations will feature work by mid-career and young artists as well as new commissions by well-known artists. The works have been selected for their diversity of approach to significant aesthetic, conceptual and societal issues.

Georges Rousse, Koblenz, 1996 Mixed Media Installation


Internationally known French artist Georges Rousse will do his first major urban installation in the U.S. with the creation of large-scale, site-specific graphic constructions in the interiors of old, currently unused buildings in Downtown Houston. Issues of change and transition are central to Rousse’s art that he designs to be transformative but ephemeral. His work will bring attention to the city’s own process of urban transformation.

For Opening night, the RAINProject, a team of international architects, video artists, and public art curators are programming indoor-outdoor downtown video installations reflecting urban movement and change across cultures. The artist/curators are Eugenio Valdés (Cuba), Lise Schmidt Colinet (Austria), Suzanne Jirkoff (Austria), Siggi Hofer (Austria), Alex Schmoeger (Austria), and Florian Zeifang (Germany).

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