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FotoFest 2002 Exhibits
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New Technology Exhibitions and Performances

Re-media, net art pieces
A Web-based installation with seven on-line projects is being curated by Christiane Paul, consulting curator for New Media at the Whitney Museum in New York. The works range from live streaming images and tools for interactive collages to photo database and image mapping systems open to submissions by Web visitors.

Plus One
an on-line project by French artist Claude Closky challenges the meaning of "interactivity" in cyberspace and ubiquitous use of numbers in 20th century culture.

Gumshoe, Opus 23, "moonlighting"
by New York artist Martha Burgess, explores complex forms of animation, interactive digital video, wall pieces, and photography based on portraiture and the psychology of representation. Her new work explores the sinister side of the American dream, by means of a road trip juxtaposing the richness of the American landscape with vignettes including random acts of violence and the sense of impending doom in the postcard representation of the American land.

Protracted Image
is a new project by Houston-based artist team MANUAL (Ed Hill and Suzanne Bloom) which has pioneered computer-based art. The work is a still-frame projected animation where change is constant but occurring at such a slow rate that at any given moment, the screen appears as a fixed image. The principal subject matter is the natural landscape, which itself gives the illusion of being in a relatively fixed state although it is constantly undergoing change. "Our intention is to create a metaphorical parallel between the life of the landscape and that of the computer program which drives the animation," Bloom states.

German artist and writer Andreas Mueller-Pohle explores the evolution of imagery from graphic figurativeness to defiguration, including an eight-part digital recoding of the world's first photograph. The work culminates in a haunting video Entropia showing the destruction of photographs, lithographs, and framed pictures by industrial shredders.

by New York artist Charles Cohen, is a 100-image grid of digital images and related video spoofing the ubiquitous presence of pornography on the Internet. By "editing" erotic pictures taken from email messages, the sexual act becomes negative space, a white silhouette in vibrant but commonplace surroundings.

contemporary British artist Paul Smith, builds large, ceiling-hung light boxes with digitized scenes depicting a TV-oriented series of aerial adventures in which the artist casts himself as every man's Superman.

With scenes reminiscent of Hieronymus Bosch paintings, Seattle artist  Anna Ullrich creates densely layered digital color images where women emerge as both aggressor and spectator in worlds filled with eroticism and fantasy.

Oliver Wasow, a New York artist, presents digitally constructed landscapes that seamlessly combine urban and rural scenery in garishly seductive but disturbing color. The prints are accompanied by the first gallery presentation of Somewhere Else, a four-city-block-long animated TV-installation created for the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, and seven new digital animations.

Fashion Accesories
Houston-based artist Prince V. Thomas constructs science fiction digitalizations of everyday pharmaceuticals for men that are used to control everything from aging to sexual potency.

Sandro Oramas, a Venezuelan artist, presents his vision of the metropolis of the future, a series of dream-like landscapes made from the motherboards of discarded computers. The works are put together in exquisite giclée laser print portfolios reminiscent of engraving portfolios.

Casey Williams, a Houston-based artist, works with digital billboard technology to transform color transparencies of the water line on the hulls of freighters into large color-saturated abstract canvases resembling color-field paintings.

Portraits in Social Practice
In this series, Los Angeles artist Scott Griesbach constructs performance narratives on the computer referencing art history, art criticism, political history, and art politics.

Sfumato Portraits
George Krause, a Texas artist known for his meticulous silver gelatin prints, abandons traditional photographic techniques for high key digitally produced portraits, where people seem to float in luminous space.

Fraser Stables, a Scottish-born, Houston-based artist creates architectonic spaces and specially constructed light boxes on which he projects both static and moving images that interact with the viewer's presence and challenge our perception about what it is we are seeing.

Contemporary French artist Valéry Grancher will create a new, live performance of digital video projections with DJ Angel exploring the relationship of time, physical travel, and musical composition.

 Mixed Media


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