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Walker Pickering (Austin, TX), Meal, 2010. From the series Nearly West

Walker Pickering
Austin, Texas


From Dorothea Lange in the Great-Depression 1930s, and Robert Frank in the Cold-War 1950s, to Stephen Shore in the Vietnam-era 1970s, Walker Pickering continues the grand tradition of socially engaged photographic road trips across the United States. With his medium-format film camera, he discovers and documents a panoply of American places in square-format photographs that remind us of who we are as individuals and members of a society. Urban parking lots, rural roads, monuments, motel rooms, and roadside attractions receive Pickering’s equal, loving attention.  Often infused with golden sunlight and blending beauty with apparent ugliness, his landscapes are both physical and psychic spaces.


Walker Pickering is a photographer from Texas. He studied photography at Texas State University in San Marcos before moving to Austin to work at the Texas House of Representatives as a photographer. As darkroom printer for Austin photographer and screenwriter, Bill Wittliff, Mr. Pickering produced prints for the 2007 University of Texas Press book, A Book of Photographs from Lonesome Dove. He earned his M.F.A. in photography at the Savannah College of Art & Design, Georgia. After a short period of teaching photography outside of Chicago, he returned to Texas. He now resides in Austin and teaches photography at The Art Institute of Austin.