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Santiago Forero  (Austin, TX), Portrait of my Niece, 2009. From the series A Story about Gnomes

Santiago Forero
Austin, Texas / Bogotá, Colombia


As an artist, I work with familiar media images in order to reflect on how society molds beliefs and ideas about itself and different cultures. In my research I explore how this phenomenon generates superficial judgments about the "other".

A Story About Gnomes

In my recent series I've been photographing myself in different environments for exploring scale and identity. At the same time I have been photographing my niece, generating ambiguous relations between both figures with the action, the place and the posture. My intention is interrupting the process of perception by altering the rules of conventional photography. I am interested in not placing my niece or myself in a vulnerable position, but more the viewer. Making him wonder if it is dangerous or funny. I like the discomfort that the visual image can generate, the uncomfortable position of ethics.



Santiago Forero is a Colombian artist that has been working in Photography, Video and New Media. He attended Pontificia Universidad Javeriana in Bogotá where he got his B.F.A in Visual Arts. After working as a photographer and a New Media Designer, he moved to Austin, Texas where he received his M.F.A. in Studio Art from the University of Texas at Austin. He attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture for the summer of 2010. His work has been showed in galleries and museums around Texas like The Station Museum of Contemporary Art in Houston, The Austin Museum of Art and Mexic-Arte Museum in Austin. Additionally he has been a Lecturer at The University of Texas at Austin where he taught Digital Foundations in the Art Department.