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Home and Garden
November 19, 2004 - February 28, 2005

Home and Garden, an exhibition of work by eight Texas-based artists, is an oblique, often humorous and sometimes macabre look at vernacular culture and family life in the Untied States. The artists work in traditional photographic processes and mixed-media, including sculptural installations, drawing, print-making, and digital collages.

All eight artists are based in Houston or Dallas. The Houston-based artists are Michele Grinstead, Stephanie Martz, Sarah Greene Reed, and Anderson Wrangle. Colleen Graves, Marc Montoya, Julie Ross, and Lizzy Wetzel work in Dallas.

These artists are part of a generation raised in the 1980s and 1990s. They use their Post-modern art education to re-contextualize and reconfigure the world in which they grew up and live. Many of them have come to photography from other forms of visual arts.

Whether it is social ritual, domestic interiors, or found objects, nothing is quite what it seems in their work. There is a wry and somewhat irreverent view of modern suburban and urban life underlying much of the art.

This exhibit is the first of a series exhibitions featuring Texas-based artists that FotoFest has planned as part of its Inter-Biennial art programs. Although best known for its international and national art programming, FotoFest has a strong interest in the work of Contemporary Texas artists.

Wendy Watriss
Artistic Director

Jennifer Ward
Exhibitions Coordinator

Sarah Reed Greene is represented by Moody Gallery, Houston.
Julie Ross and Colleen Graves are represented by Gray Matters Gallery, Dallas

Works from this exhibition may be purchased. Please direct inquiries to Jennifer Ward at

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Sarah Reed Greene
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