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As part of its exhibition programs, FotoFest commissions new work by artists and new curatorial projects. It has done so since the founding of FotoFest.

Selected Commissions -

2010 Biennial
Curatorial Commission: Curatorial Team at the Wallis Annenberg Photography Department, Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), Assembly: Eight Emerging Photographers from Southern California
Curatorial Commission: Natasha Egan, The Road to Nowhere?
Curatorial Commission: Aaron Schuman, Whatever was Splendid: New American Photographs
Curatorial Commission: Gilbert Vicario, Medianation: Performing for the Screen
Artist/Curator Commission – Brian Storm, MediaStorm, and artist Lisa Robinson, Snowbound.

2008 Biennial
Curatorial Commission – Chen Guangjun and Xu Weiying, 798 Photo Gallery, The Cultural Revolution, 1965 - 1975
Curatorial Commission – Zhiang Li and Wu Hung, New Photo, 1994 - 1998

Artist Commission – Margot Hester, Guantánamo, Letters from Home. Questions of Justice.

2006 Biennial
Artist Commission – Alfredo Jaar, Sound of Silence
Exhibition Commission – Doug and Mike Starn, Absorption + Transmission

2004 Biennial
Artist Commission – Nils Udo, Landscape with Waterfall
Curatorial Commission – Institute of Flow Sciences, The Language of Water
Curatorial Commission – Prefix Photo, Edward Burtynsky - Shipbreaking

2002 Biennial
Artist Commission – Georges Rousse, Memory of Spaces and History
Artist Commission – Valéry Grancher, City Lights
Curatorial Commission – Christiane Paul - Re-Media: Net Art Pieces
Curatorial Commission – Evgeny Berezner and Irina Tchmyreva – Russian Pictorialism

Artist Commission – Dominique Darbois, Afghanistan Confisque
Curatorial Commission – Here is New York

2000 Biennial
Artist and Curatorial Commission – Bohnchang Koo, The New Generation, Ten Contemporary Korean Photographers

1998 Biennial
Curatorial Commission - Lucia Benicka, Constructed Photography, Contemporary Czech and Slovak Work

1996 Biennial
Artist Commission – Susan Meiselas, Kurdistan, In The Shadow of History

1994 Biennial
Artist Commission – Ingo Gunther, Hall of Globes
Curatorial Commissions - Houston Museum of Natural Science, The Earth Forum
Curatorial Commissions - Staley Wise Gallery, Fashion Photography, A History
Curatorial Commissions - Ricardo Viera; Kathy Vargas; Robert Buitron; Charles Biasiny Rivera - American Voices – Latino Photography In the United States

1992 Biennial
Curatorial Commissions - Mark Haworth Booth, John Thomsen, The City of London
Curatorial Commissions - Jeanine Fiedler, The Bauhaus
Curatorial Commissions - Rune Hassner, The USSR im Bau
Curatorial Commissions - Netherlands Archive, The Hunger Winter

1990 Biennial
Artist Commission – Eikoh Hosoe, Photographs
Artist/Curator Commissions –Pavel Stecha and Pavel Banka, 19 Contemporary Czechoslovak Photographers and The Velvet Revolution, Prague

1988 Biennial
Curatorial Commissions - Three Japanese exhibitions

Artist Commissions – Helmut Newton, William Klein, Ikko Narahara, Franco Fontana – The Houston Livestock and Rodeo Show