How do top photographers redefine their work for presentation
across marketing and art platforms? How do they incorporate audio, animation, and video with still imagery?

Sunday, March 21, 2010, 8:30am - 4:45pm
The Doubletree Hotel Downtown  Houston, Texas

Fee: $75
Fee for Meeting Place Patrticipants and Students: $50

Three-time Emmy winner and pioneering multimedia producer, Brian Storm, founder of MediaStorm (, transforms the still images of creative artists and photojournalists into multimedia presentations for broadcast, internet and mobile platforms. He puts the tools of audio and visual media in the hands of photographers and media professionals and shows how to create extraordinary new ways to present and distribute visual art.

With the visual sophistication provided by photojournalists and art photographers, Brian Storm shows how to move from concept to production in creating effective multimedia platforms for both narrative and conceptual art work. He shares innovative ideas on where to to show your work and how build audiences through a variety of distribution platforms

Having built his reputation in photojournalism, Brian Storm was commissioned by FotoFest to undertake a new project. With well-known contemporary art photographer, Lisa Robinson, he developed a model project which was show for the first time at the FotoFest 2010 Workshop. They took the audience through the process of conceptualizing and taking still images into a moving and multi-layered format that gives new dimension and new life to the art work. The piece will be available online in the next few months.

The one-day seminar-workshop was designed for creative artists, photojournalists, media professionals, arts administrators, students, teachers and anyone interested in entering the multimedia world.

Brian Storm was Director of Multimedia for from 1995-2002 and Vice President of News, Multimedia and Assignment Services for Corbis based in New York from 2002-2004. He founded MediaStorm in 2005 and has been honored with numerous prizes including four Webby Awards and two Emmy awards.

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