Participating Spaces for the FotoFest Biennial are museums, commercial galleries, non-profit spaces, artist-run organizations, corporate spaces, and retail establishments that choose to exhibit photographic art as part of the FotoFest Biennial. Participating Spaces are an important part of each FotoFest Biennial. In 2010 over 100 spaces across the Houston-area are participatin in the FotoFest 2010 Biennial by exhibiting photo-related art.

Participation includes listings in the FotoFest Biennial Events/Exhibitions Map, Calendar and other promotional materials distributed at locations throughout the city. Inclusion in the Map/Calendar is a free service provided by FotoFest. 35,000 copies of the citywide Event and Exhibit Maps are printed in late February-early March 2010 and will be mailed nationally and internationally.

as of March 4, 2010


Blaffer Gallery, The Art Museum of the University of Houston
School of Art Annual Student Exhibition - Various students
February 27–March 13
2010 School of Art Masters Thesis Exhibition - Various students
March 27 - –April 24

Contemporary Arts Museum, Houston
Barkley L. Hendricks: Birth of the Cool - Barkley L. Hendricks (Paintings)
January 30–April 18
Pretentious - presented by the Teen Council, Houston
Area Teens
March 12– - April 11

The Heritage Society Museum
Houston in the 20th Century - Bob Bailey Studios Collection
March 2–May 3

Holocaust Museum Houston
Besa: Muslims Who Saved Jews During the Holocaust - Norman Gershman
Through April 4

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Visual Poetry: Pattern & Texture through the Lens
Audrey Anderson, Rey SM. Aquino, Brett C. Bauton, C. Beckwith-Kitch, Peter M. Benway, Isadore Berson, Gay Bumgarner, David Cleary, Terry Colpitts , Jack DeForest , Tom DeMoss, Betty Fontaine, Arlene Frody, Susan Gehring, Robert P. Gilchrist, Rose Hardie Hamill , Richard V. Harrison, Richard Hermann, Michael Hobbs, William Hoehnen, Henry H. Holdsworth, Thomas Ives, Douglas L. Johnson, Kathee Johnson, J. Michael Kelly, Rachel Lamoreux, Gilbert Lopez-Espina, Archie V. Lott, Julianna Lynch, Andrew Martinez, Walt Matell, David McCray, Joel B. McEachern, Forrest G. Moyer, Ted Nelson, Milton Rand, Ted Reuther, David Ridge, Richard Rubican, Carol Sheldon, Gail Shumway, Marc Solari, Douglas Spranger, Frank Stibritz, Jack Swenningsen, Keith Szafranski, Gary K. Thompson, Tim Trout, John Van Horne, Richard Walters, F. Stuart Westmorland, Martin Wolin, Jr., and Margaret Yarnell
February 20-June 13

The Menil Collection
Leaps into the Void: Documents of Nouveau Realist Performance
Arman (Armand Fernandez), Christo, Francois de Menil, Yves Klein, Martial Raysse, Mimmo Rotella, Niki de Saint Phalle, Harry Shuck, and Jean Tinguely
March 19-August 8

Museum of Fine Arts Houston
Ruptures and Continuities: Photography Made after 1960 from the MFAH Collection
Vito Acconci, Shimon Attie, Chan-Hyo Bae, Mark Bagge, John Baldessari, Lewis Baltz, Thomas Barrow, Bernd and Hilla Becher, Oliver Boberg, Christian Boltanski, Marta Maria Pérez Bravo, Günter Brus, Edward Burtynsky, James Casebere, Robert Cumming, Susan Derges, Philip-Lorca diCorcia, William Eggleston, Samuel Fosso, Carlos Garaicoa, Hatakeyama Naoya, Robert Heinecken, Huang Yan, Douglas Huebler, Jürgen Klauke, Barbara Kruger, Louise Lawler, Dinh Q. Lę, Nikki S. Lee, Sherrie Levine, Jeff Liao, Gordon Matta-Clark, Boris Mihailov, Richard Misrach, Morimura Yasumasa, Vik Muniz, Eduardo Muńoz Ordoqui, Osamu James Nakagawa, Simon Norfolk, Joaquim Paiva, Arnulf Rainer, Ed Ruscha, Lucas Samaras, Victoria Sambunaris, Ilene Segalove, Cindy Sherman, Laurie Simmons, Thomas Struth, Sze Tsung Leong, Brian Ulrich, Yanagi Miwa, Yoneda Tomoko, and Zhang Dali.
February 21-May 9

Rogovin 101 - Milton Rogovin
January 19-May 16

Museum of Printing History
Flashes of Hope
Tom Callins, George Craig, Dave Einsel, Troy Fields, Jeff Fitlow, Michael Hart, Scott Kohn, Chris Kuhlman, Nathan Lindstrom, Thaine Manske, Hall Puckett, Kim Riley, Sofia van der Dys, and Wes Whiddon
February 11-April 24

Bhutan: A Visual Odyssey Across the Last Himalayan Kingdom, 2003. The largest book in the world, measuring 5' x 7'
Book by Michael Hawley. Photographers: Carolyn Bess, Sandy Choi, Dorji Drukpa, Becky Hurwitz, Choki Lhamo Kaka, Gyelsey Loday, Christopher Newell, David Salesin, and Ming Zhang
March 12-April 24

Printing With Light
Frank Yezer, Terri St.Arnauld, Michael Rigby, Ann Texter, Kathryn Watts-Martinez, Matthew Magruder, Stephanie Watkins, Chricel Portela, Cynthia Good, Ed Buffaloe, David Barker, Sherre Paris, Spiffy Tumbleweed, Alan Herbert, Gary Nored, Billy Mabry, and other members of the Austin Alternative Process Group (AAPG)
March 25-August 14

Station Museum of Contemporary Art
Charif Benhelima (Belgium), Santiago Forero (Colombia), Suha Shoman (Palestine), Ed Wilson (Texas), Elliot Wolfson (New York, and Martin Zet (Czech Republic)
March 13-May 30


The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake
Fresh from the Bay - An Exhibition by Bay Area Houston Photographers
Margaret Coach, Clifton Grim, Peter Janecke, Stephen Mayeux, Stephen Schuenke, and Tim Timmis
February 11-April 7

Art Car Museum
Fast, Faster, Fastest: A Historical Photoessay of Auto Racing in the U.S., Great Britain and France
Kermit Ross Laurent, Charlie Stanfill, and Brian Hill
March 20-June 18

Aurora Picture Show at Molly Gochman’s Studio
Co-Existing and Co-Llaborating
Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Darrin Martin and Jamil Hellu, Potter Belmar Labs, Duke and Battersby, Voshart and Humphries and Dana and Travis Hanmer
Artists in attendance: Jennifer and Kevin McCoy, Cost: $7 non-members, Aurora members free
Screening: March 30, 7pm

Box13 Artspace
Panta Rei - Leigh Brodie, Elizabeth Chiles, Anna Krachey, Jessica Mallios, Sarah Murphy, Mike Osborne, Jason Reed, Ben Ruggiero, Adam Schreiber, Susan Scafati Shahan, and Barry Stone
March 13-April 15

Buffalo Bayou ArtPark
Unexpected Art - The Abby Normal Arts Project with K Jefferies and Others
March 1-July 1

DiverseWorks Art Space
Zoosphere - Allison Hunter
March 12-April 17

Galveston Arts Center
Dornith Doherty at Mid-career - Dornith Doherty
March 6-April 11

Houston Center for Photography
Related - Anthony Goicolea
RE: groups - American
Photographs Before 1950 - W.M. Hunt; Beatrix
Reinhardt: American Clubs - Beatrix Reinhardt
March 12-April 25

The Kenmore – Gallery at Box 13 Art Space
Michael Brims, Video - Michael Brims
March 13-April 15

Lawndale Art Center
Dirty Secrets from the Cataract Cinema - Dan Havel and Chuck Ivy
site: interventions, observations, & simulations - Caroline Gore
March 12-April 17

MECA (Multicultural Education & Conseling through the Arts)
The Spectrum of Multicultural Houston - Naomi Madrid and Faye Safo
March 12-April 25

space125gallery of Houston Arts Alliance
Glow - Monte Large
March 11-April 30

Project Row Houses
Round 32: ECO, SEGAW, ECHO, XIANG......
Crystal Campbell, Albert Chong, Marina Gutierrez, Ayana Jackson, Minnette Mangahs, Nsenga Knight , Glexis Novoa, and Mendi & Keith Obadike
March 27-June 20

Four Place Setting - Magsamen + Hillerbrand
March 12-April 11

Talento Bilingue de Houston Cultural Arts Center
Contemporary Latino/a Photographers of the Greater Houston Area
Elaine Mesker-Garcia, Hugo Pedraza, Laurie Perez, Renee Rodriguez, Sergio Santos, and Valeria Villarreal
March 31-June 4


3100 Main Street Gallery at Houston Community College
Bennie Flores Ansell, Karen Davenport, Shannon Duncan, and Eric Zapata
March 12–April 25

Annex Gallery at Houston Community College Southwest
How I Will Die
Laura J. Bennett, Derek Eley, Rachel Hewlett, Matthew Manalo, David McClain, Jennifer L. F. McNichols, An Nguyen, Emily Peacock, Kristy Peet, and Sarah Sudhoff
February 22-April 1

The Art Institute of Houston
Culinaire - Gary Miller, Chair of Photography and Photography Students
March 1-May 31

LSC Kingwood - Art Gallery
Modus: Contemporary U.S. Photography
Chris Akin, Eve Abrams/ Shannon Brinkman, Elliot Gilbert, Mari Omori, Mary Parisi, and Sandra Schulman
Feb 25-March 25

Fine Arts Gallery, Lone Star College-North Harris
An exhibition of four women photographers and former students. Artists: Maggie Baldwin, Brittney Connelly, Rebecca Krepick, Nikki Rogers
March 9 - April 8

Northline Art Gallery, Houston Community College NE
Eric Zapata, Jacqueline Jocson, Nick Bontrager, Keijiro Suzuki, Lee Emerson, and Jacob Jones
March 12-April 25

Rice University, Department of Visual & Dramatic Arts at Rice Media Center
Light and Vision 2: Forty Years of Photography at the Rice Media Center
Jesse Demartino, Dornith Doherty, Rebecca Foley, Lisa Hardaway, Steven Keirstead, Leslie McAhren, Margaret Moore, Teresa Munisteri, Mark Neel, Gena Rabinowitz, Janice Rubin, and Danny Samuels
March 10-26

Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture Gallery at University of Houston
Archiving Places: Documentary Photography by Lewis Hodnett, Jr.
Lewis Hodnett, Jr.
March 10-April 25


18 Hands Gallery
Wind Army - Jay Tyrrell
March 12-April 25

Anya Tish Gallery
Precipice - Begońa Egurbide
March 12-April 17

Archway Gallery
Deconstructing Reality - Deborah Bay and Sue Burke Harrington
March 5-April 1

Bering and James Inc.
Traces of Her - Shelley Calton
Perspectives, a Collaborative Exhibition of Bering & James Photographers
Joe Baraban, Catherine Cameron, Marie Docher, Řyvind Hjelmen, Peter Tonningsen, and Pablo Gimenez Zapiola
March 12-April 25

Betz Gallery
Natural Beauties, Beyond the Petals II - June Russell
My False Idols - Sergio Santos
March 13- April 25

Buchanan Gallery
Resplendent Shores - John Clifton Dyes
March 6-April 10

Colton & Farb Gallery
Labyrinth of Desire: Work by Frank Rodick - Frank Rodick
March 13-April 24

DARKE Gallery
Unfiltered, trying to find my way..- David A. Brown
March 12-April 30

DeFrog Gallery
Unintended Sculptures - Henrik Saxgren
March 12-April 25

De Santos Gallery
At the Hour of Our Death - Sarah Sudhoff
Crazy from the Heat 20 Years in the Big Bend - James H. Evans
March 13-April 24

Tesserae - Cara Barer
Slow Bell - Larry Horn
March 6-April 11

G Gallery
My America - Bryan Kuntz
March 13-March 28

Gallery 3
String Theory of Cities - Michele Wambaugh
Taken Raw - Carol Williamette
March 13-March 30

Gremillion & Co. Fine Art
A Way of Being - Jon Edwards
March 19-25

Goldesberry Gallery
Interpretive Abstractions - Royce Ann Sline
February 20-March 20

H Gallery
H Town, U.S.
Andrew Edward, Katrina Moore, Heidi Powell-Prera, Mark Roden, Joanna Esteves, Anna Flora Matis, Micheal Luster, Sandy Wells, and many more H Town Photographers
April 15-25

Photovisions of U.S. - Heidi Powell-Prera
April 1-11

Hannah Bacol Busch Gallery
Man, Woman and Child
Michael Bracey, Kerry Coppin, Pali Dacanay, Don Gurewitz, Margaret Lewis, Kenneth Martin, Susie Shapira, and Maragaret Vendryes
October 23, 2009-April 30, 2010

Hooks-Epstein Galleries, Inc
The People of the Village - Jim Falick
Reading Between the Lines - Julie Brook Alexander
February 20-March 20

Inman Gallery
Albedo - Demetrius Oliver
March 12-May 1

John Cleary Gallery
The Still City - Jefferson Hayman
February 20-March 20

Reconstructions - Charles Grogg
March 27-April 24

Koelsch Gallery
The Bigger Picture: photographs from West Texas and Mexico
Tyler Whitham
April 1-April 30

Dan Borris and Bettie Ward
April 1-April 30

Laura Rathe Fine Art
The Unguarded Moment - Steve McCurry
Tango at Night - Andrew Bernstein
February 20-March 25

McClain Gallery
Cliff Hanger - Jeff Shore/Jon Fisher
March 13-April 17

McMurtrey Gallery
Shangri-La - Keith Carter
February 20-March 20

Mixed Emotions Fine Art
Marilyn, Blues & Nudes
Valentene Rice, Lawrence Schiller, and Michael Loyd Young
March 12-April 25

Moody Gallery
MANUAL on books - Ed Hill & Suzanne Bloom
March 12-April 17

Next Wall Gallery
The Praxis of Memory - Matt Adams and Řyvind Hjelmen
March 12-April 25

Parkerson Gallery
Ann Stautberg - Ann Stautberg
March 20-May 1

Poissant Gallery
Anicca - Jawshing Arthur Liou
Shadow of A Dream - Alex Van Fleet
Telltale Signs: Baumé 1 - Robert Tracy
Brown; Favorites - Laine Whitcomb
March 5-April 3

Redbud Gallery
One and One is One - Birgit Langhammer
March 13-March 20

Seaside Gallery
Now, Then & Before - Ruth Burke
March 1-March 15

Sicardi Gallery
Luis Mallo: Open Secrets - Luis Mallo
March 11-April 10

Thornwood Gallery
Contrast - Misha Gordin and Michael Levin
February 20-March 17

Upstairs Room with a View Gallery
Longing for Depth: Nature & Spirit
Matt Adams, Monica Kyong Ae Cheon, Elizabeth Kleinveld, Betsy Siegel, Joan Son, Anna Strickland, and Lyn Sullivan
March 14, 18, 25 and April 1


Alzheimer's Assoc., Houston & SE Texas Chapter
Shadows Dancing At Twilight - Nan Dickson
March 19-April 20

Architecture Center Houston (ArCH)
U.S. Vernacular and Chinese Modernism
Jim Vecchi and Xing Danwen
March 12-April 25

Caviart Gallery, Russian Cultural Center of "Our Texas"
America by Eyes - Andrey Chezhin
March 12-April 25

Havens Center, St. Stephen's Episcopal Church
Weekends, Dreams and Other Plastic Memories
Laura Burlton and Warren Harold
March 19-April 11

Houston Public Library, Jesse H. Jones Building. First Floor Gallery
The Middle East - Jeff Heger
March 8-April 30

City Hall Gallery
Portraits: Diversity of Vision
Chuy Benitez, Mary Margaret Hansen, Daniel Kramer, Gabriella Nissen, and Louis Vest
March 15-April 24

The Jung Center of Houston
Traveling the Shore of the Spanish Sea: The Gulf Coast of Texas and Mexico
Geoff Winningham
March 16-April 14

The Methodist Hospital Dunn Tower Mezzanine Gallery
Celebrate Texas: Interactive Journeys
Ben Tecumseh DeSoto, Dennis Fagan, Katya Horner, Janice Rubin, Debra Rueb, and Margaret Vugrin
March 8-April 30

Robert I. Kahn Gallery of Congregation Emanu El.
There Was a Forest: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today
Loli Kantor
March 17-May 21

Thoreau Unitarian Universalists Congregation
Seventh Principle - Several local artists
March 14-April 25

UT Art Wall
Alive at the End of Life - Cathy Greenblat
March 1-April 25

Xnihilo Gallery
Stations of the Cross
Joe Adams, Brad Barron, Ryan Booth, Susan Brubaker, Thomas Campbell, Eric Hartley, Radkey Jolink, Jessica Martin-Weber, Zach McNair, Deji Osinolu, Stan Patyrak, David Porter, Jackson Potts, Tyndall Wakeham, and Bradley Winkler
February 17–April 26

Works by Carol Hayman
Carol Hayman
March 12–April 26


230 Westcott
Beyond Contemporary Photography - Thanks Diz
March 12-April 25

1100 Louisiana
Texas Works: The Fine Art of Texas Commercial Photographers
Members of the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
March 12-April 25

Bank of America Center
Inside Roy Lichtenstein's Studio
Laurie Lambrecht (Exhibition organized by Kinzelman Art Consulting on behalf of Bank of America Center)
February 22-April 30

BNIM Architects Houston
After the fire she wandered - Angilee Wilkerson
March 20-April 30

FKP Architects
FKP Photo Group
Don Lawrence, Chris Cortes, Erica Spicer, Eugene Harrison, Victor Lange, Mezio Zangirolami, Pier Vettorazzi, Carrie Greene, Kelly Mureen, and Lilian Hon
March 29-April 25

Re-Imagining Place
Rusty Scruby and Susan Wides(Exhibition organized by Kinzelman Art Consulting on behalf of Gensler)
March 15-July 16

m Architects/Fifth Ward Hotel 
Via - Mason Rankin
March 12-April 25

Stern and Bucek Architects
Sharon Joines: Wharton County - Sharon Joines
March 12-April 25


Green House Gallery
Portraits of Americana - Kristy Allmon
March 12-April 25

Hardy & Nance Street Studio Complex
Continuum: The Only Constant is Change
Artists-In-Residence: Dana Beck, Michael Canales, Stephanie Castle, Cindy Chandler, Curtis DeGidio, Trisha Dubois, Justin Garcia, Kim Hopson, Martha Kasabova, Galina Kurlat, Alex Luster, Leslie Magdaleno, Syd Moen, William Leonardo Molina, Mark Roden, Alexander Rymarquis, Diana Simonetta, and Rome Wilkerson / Guest Artists: Don Glentzer, Emily Grenader, Connie Moberley, Ron Scott, Sally Stubbs and Frank White
Fri, March 12 5pm-midnight; Sat, March 13 noon-7pm
Sat, March 27 noon-7pm; Thur, April 8, 5-9pm / Reception March 12, 5pm-midnight

Mother Dog Studios
Everything Has Its Place
Tanya Baradhi, Nancy Barrera, Charlotte Boman, Rowan Bigham, Kurt Cobbley, Stephanie M. Gobea, Sarah Highsmith, Tilly Kamin, Michael Luong, Crystal Martin, Marian Ochoa, Wayne Mead, Abby Rivera, Ginny Taylor, and Dena Wallace
March 27-May 21

The Joanna


The Artful Corner
Midnight Constitutionals - John Henry Childs
March 12-April 25

Domy Books
Orphans of Failure - Eileen Maxson
March 13-May 6

Casa Ramirez Folkart
Here and There - Aqui' y Alla'
Agapito Sanchez, Carlos Vargas, Chuy Benitez, and Edgar Bustillos
April 3-April 25

Gabriella Nissen Photography
Botanika - the Immigrants - Gabriella Nissen
March 27-April 24

Gallery 1724
In the Beginning - William Winkler and Hayden Fosdick
March 20-April 25

The H Gallery (located inside Hungry's Cafe & Bistro)
Color Falls Down - Priya Kambli
March 13-April 5

KHON'S wine darts coffee art
Distillations - Lauren Singer
March 19-April 25

Ouisie's Table
Views of Kashmir and India - Emma A. Simmons
April 21 - May 30

Nature of a Picnic 2010 - Robert Flatt
March 13-May 31

The Raven Grill
In the West - Ted Albracht
March 12-April 25


3917 Main St. (Isabella Court) [Medianation: Performing for the Screen]
Allen Center I and II [Discoveries of the Meeting Place]
Art League Houston [Medianation: Performing for the Screen]
New World Museum [Medianation: Performing for the Screen]
Williams Tower Gallery [Assembly: Eight Emerging Artists from Southern California]
Winter Street Studios [Road to Nowhere?]
Vine Street Studios [Whatever was Splendid: New American Photographs]