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State of the Blues
Oct 25 - Dec 8, 2002
FotoFest and Project Row Houses presented an exhibition of over 100 photographs, by photographer Jeff Dunas, portraying some of the most influential and famous Blues musicians of our time.

Film and Video for 9.11
September 2002
As part of its commemoration of the first anniversary of the September 11, 2001 attacks, FotoFest has organized three nights of compelling and thoughtful video and film performances.

Kaboul: Le Passé Confisqué, Dominique Darbois
Sept 5 - Oct 13 , 2002
FotoFest presented an exhibit on Afghanistan and its artistic heritage.

Afghanistan: Chronotopia, Simon Norfolk
Sep 5 - Oct 13, 2002
FotoFest presented an exhibit on Afghanistan and the legacies of war.

here is new york: a democracy of photographs
Sep 11 - Oct 13 , 2002
FotoFest presented the acclaimed exhibition of images made in response to the events of 9.11.01.

FotoFest 2004: Water

The Tenth Biennial International Month of Photography is scheduled to take place from mid-March to mid-April 2004 in Houston, Texas. Check here for submission guidelines and information about the Meeting Place.