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Earth Forum, Newly Renovated Facilities at the Houston Museum of Natural Science
October 24, 2002

In 1994, the Houston Museum of Natural Science collaborated with FotoFest to create a unique interactive exhibit. Earth Forum connects visitors to the world's people, places, and resources, challenging them to use the information superhighway to become global explorers and problem solvers.

This interactive arena now offers new technologies, expanded computer resources, and innovative hands-on exhibits that dramatically demonstrate the forces that affect our planet.

In the new Earth Forum you can:
Build structures then collapse them on our earthquake table.
Shape sand dunes by controlling wind currents.
Make clouds and experience what they feel like.
Re-create the seasons by changing the elevation of the sun.
Experiment with ocean forces using a wave machine.
Investigate the mountains and thoughs that shape the ocean floor.
Spark lightning inside a plasma ball.
Create a visible vortex that resembles a tornado in a tub.
Examine the rainforest ecosystem through and ever-changing tropical terrarium.
Visualize the world's population in the years 1800, 1900, and 2000.

Renovation underwritten by THE WILLIAM STAMP FARISH FUND.

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