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FotoFest 1992, The Fourth International Month of Photography
Spring 1992

Luis González Palma. La loteria II, 1989. Nupcias de Soledad. Enlarge this photo
Around the theme of Europe and Latin America, from the mid 19th Century to the late 20th Century, FotoFest organized 31 exhibitions from 20 countries in Latin America and Europe in the George R. Brown Convention Center.

The Modern City, The Reconstruction of Paris, 1865-1880 - Charles Marville
Street Life in London, 1877-1878 - John Thomson
Photography at the Bauhaus, The Formation of a Modern Aesthetic, 1919-1933 - Germany
Art, Industry and the State - USSR in Construction, 1930-1936
Surrealism, Karel Teige - Czechoslovakia, 1935-1951
The Illegal Camera - The Netherlands, 1940-1945
British Post-Industrialism, From Factory to Theme Park
A Family Album - Wojciech Prazmowski, Poland
Photo Manifesto - Contemporary Photography in the Former USSR
Images of a Collective Memory - Contemporary Greek Photography
Borders of Science - Lennart Nilsson, Sweden
Virtual Reality - Manneristic and Constructed Photography from The Netherlands
Inside Out - Black British Photographers
The Mediterranean - Toni Catany

Latin America
The War of the Triple Alliance, 1865-1870 - Esteban García, Uruguay
The Opening of a Frontier, Marc Ferrez - Brazil 1880-1890
The Colonial Legacy - Religious Photographs of Guatemala, 1870-1920
The New City - Medellin, Colombia, 1890-1920
Modernity in the Southern Andes - Peruvian Photography, 1900-1930
Ecuador, Old and New, 1880-1990
Crossing of Cultures - Four Women in Argentina, 1930-1970
Witnesses of Time - Flor Garduño, Mexico
Nupcias de soledad - Luis González Palma, Guatemala
In the Eye of the Beholder, The Secret Archive - El Salvador, 1980-1991
The Urban Landscape - Argentina and Uruguay
Color from Brazil
Mario Cravo Neto - Brazil
On The Edge, Colombia
On The Edge, Venezuela

United Colors of Benetton - Special exhibition

FotoFence - Student work from Literacy Through Photography program

Lectures and Workshops
Talk by Olivieri Toscani, Benetton
Colloquium of Latin American Photography and Research - bilingual symposium with Latin American and U.S. scholars and photo historians
Photography Conservation Workshop (bilingual) with the Menil Collection
Fifteen Lectures by Artists and Curators on Photography from Latin America and Europe
Photography Workshops, Santa Fe Workshops

The International Meeting Place
250 photographers came to the Meeting Place with their portfolios to show their work to 100 reviewers from museums, galleries, publications, and stock agencies. The Meeting Place lasted for ten days and was held at the George R. Brown Convention Center.