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FotoFest 1994, The Fifth International Month of Photography
November 1994

Laura Aguilar. Untitled, From the series Latina Lesbian, 1989. "My mother encouraged me to be a court reporter...I became a lawyer." American Vocies, Mexican American Photography. Enlarge this photo
Part I, Exhibitions, Spring 1994
The New Generation, Contemporary Photography from Cuba.

Part II, Exhibitions, November 1994
Over 40 exhibitions citywide with four major exhibitions sponsored by FotoFest, lectures, and the International Meeting Place in the George R. Brown Convention Center. Also in the Convention Center was a space for exhibits by private galleries. FotoFest exhibitions:

American Voices
Latino Photographers in the United States
First major exhibit bringing together Latino curators and photographic artists (38) from the three oldest and largest Spanish-language cultures in the U.S. - Chicano/Mexican-American, Puerto Rican, Cuban American. Exhibit went to Smithsonian Institution in 1997.

The Global Environment
Three-part exhibit: still photographs from around the world; installation by Ingo Gunther of illuminated globes, Hall of Globes; an interactive computer and video earth education center, The Earth Forum. The Hall of Globes was presented in Copenhagen, Denmark as part of the European City of Culture programs in 1996. The Earth Forum became a permanent earth study center and exhibition at Houston Museum of Natural Science in 1995.

Fashion, Evolution/Revolution
One-of-a-kind survey of great fashion photography from the early 20th century to the present. The exhibit was presented in Copenhagen, the European City of Culture in March 1996.

Special Exhibitions
The World's First Known Photography, Joseph Niepce Heliograph An exhibit of the world's only example of this photograph loaned for FotoFest 1994 by the Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center at the University of Texas at Austin. The original donor, Helmut Gernsheim, gave a lecture at FotoFest.

Exhibition of 500 posters done by Houston public school students participating in FotoFest's year-round Literacy Through Photography program. Smaller exhibits by students relating to Latino heritage in Houston and the environment.

Lectures and Symposia
American Voices
Three-day international symposium on Latino photography in the United States and issues of identity and cross-culturalism.

Student Tours and Classroom curriculum - Latino heritage and visual literacy.

Lectures by visiting Latino artists and curators in Houston-area schools and universities.

Performances and readings by Latino artists -- Arte Publico Press, Talento Bilingue
Ingo Gunther. A Satellite's Blind Spots, n/d. The Hall of Globes Enlarge this photo

Global Environment
Two-day symposium on the environment with exhibiting artists, scientists, and public policymakers.

Course with Rice University School of Continuing Studies.

Fashion, Evolution/Revolution
Course with Rice University School of Continuing Studies.

Other Programs
The International Meeting Place
225 art photographers from around the work participated to show their work to 80 professional museum curators, gallery owners, critics and photo collectors from international institutions. A ten-day program for artists.

Fine Print Auction
An international collection of fine art photography formed the first Fine Print Auction and Fundraiser for FotoFest. Denise Bethel of Sotheby's donated her services. A special catalogue was published for the auction.

Free student tours were organized for 10,000 public school students. Weekend bus tours took international guests to private gallery openings. Publication of a bilingual, four-color FotoFest catalogue

1993-1994 Exhibitions
Scala Diva, Photographs by Erio Piccagliano - photography from La Scala.

A Greek Portfolio, Photographs by Constantine Manos.

Image and Memory, Latin American show from FotoFest 1992 traveled nationally with Independent Curators Inc., New York.
Historical work from Mexico curated by FotoFest: Four Decades of Mexican History, Mexican Photography 1905-1945 - historical photography from three Mexican Archives.
Guillermo Kahlo, Photographs of Colonial Mexico.

Brian Weil, The Aids Project at Milby High School with weeklong programs for students on AIDS.