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Prague, Czech Republic
November 7-9, 2004
Report by Wendy Watriss & Fred Baldwin

Future Home of the Prague House of Photography (PHP) in downtown Prague
One of the most successful photography centers in Europe is the Prague House of Photography (PHP). Founded in 1989 by photographers and curators, led by Pavel Banka. Its exhibitions, workshops, and publication programs were going strong at its headquarters in an historic building adjacent to the Old Town Square in Prague until badly damaged by flood waters in 2002. For the subsequent two years, PHP worked out of temporary headquarters in various parts of Prague. An international fine print auction was held in New York in 2003 to raise funds for PHP and its future.
Prague House of Photography (PHP) Director, Eva Hodek points to the plans for the new PHP
In 2005, under the leadership of PHP Director Eva Hodek and the Board of Directors, PHP plans to inaugurate its new and larger headquarters, gallery space, and archive in a large 1920's building on one of Prague's main avenues, within walking distance of Wenscelas Square, Smetana Concert Hall, and one of the city's main shopping areas.
FotoFest Founder Fred Baldwin and PHP Director Eva Hodek talking in the new PHP headquarters, still under construction
"We have known PHP from its very beginning. Aware of the remarkable achievements of PHP and the tremendous struggle it has been through in recent years, it was very exciting for Fred Baldwin and me to be able visit the new space with Eva. It will more than double PHP's exhibition capability," says FotoFest Artistic Director Wendy Watriss. "Eva Hodek and the organization have done a tremendous job to raise the money and make this happen."
FotoFest's Wendy Watriss with Czech artist Pavel Banka, co-founder of PHP, at his studio in Prague
PHP expects to announce the official inauguration of the new space at Revolucni #5/1006 early next year. Under the direction of the Czech firm, Z architects, contractors and workmen are rushing to complete the restoration and renovation of the big neo-classicist building in Prague 1. In November 2004, it was one of the restoration projects featured by the City of Prague in a large public display tent at the end of Wenscelas Square.
Photographs taken with Leica Digilux 2