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FotoArte - Brasilia
June 26 - 30, 2004
Report by Fred Baldwin

Wendy Watriss and FotoArte Director Karla Osorio
Brasilia, the capital of Brazil was built in the 1960's and is an extrodinarily futuristic planned city. The Congress in the evening light is a magical place.

Brasilia's futuristic look is particularly striking at night as seen from the top of the Brazilian Congress Building.

The hotel accomodations for FotoArte guests were very comfortable and the variety of exotic food provided a hint of Brazil's cultural diversity.

FotoArte produced a number of fine art photography exhibitions at museums and art spaces throughout the city including the Vic Muniz exhibit (above) and the Alex Flemming (below) exhibitions.

Wendy and I participated as reviewers in a three day portfolio review. Karla Osorio, FotoArte's director and founder, attended FotoFest 2004 and brought to FotoArte our 20 minute review process. It worked flawlessly.

Below (left to right), an artist gets reviews from Chuck Samuels (Mois de la Photo, Montreal), Pedro Meyer (Zone Zero), and Wendy Watriss (FotoFest).

Wendy was invited to speak on an international panel at FotoArte that discussed the development of photographic festivals around the world. Wendy described the multifaceted role of FotoFest 2004's Water theme; the exhibitions, the collaboration with Rice University on the Global Forum on Water, the Water Curriculum developed for Houston school children as well as the Film & Video series on Water.

FotoFest Exhibits in Brasilia

FotoFest sent two exhibitions to FotoArte. The exhibit of Russian artists Alexey Titarenko and Andrey Chezhin about St. Petersburg was made available through the cooperation of Evgeny Berezner and Irina Tchmyreva, curators at the Moscow Museum of Modern Art. This exhibit received a great deal of press coverage in Brasilia and drew large crowds.

The second FotoFest exhibition presented in Brasilia was the Discoveries of FotoFest which featured artists from FotoFest's Discoveries of the Meeting Place exhibition. Five photographers were chosen by curators from the FotoFest 2002 Meeting Place portfolio review.
Photographs taken with Leica Digilux 2