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FotoFest, Inc.  
2000 Edwards Street
Building C, Suite 2
Houston, Texas 77007
Phone: 713.223.5522
Fax: 713.223.4411


Fred Baldwin
Chairman & Co-Founder

Wendy Watriss
Artistic Director & Co-Founder

Steven Evans
Executive Director
713.223.5522 ext 17

Dina Shekhter
Office Manager and Volunteer Coordinator
713.223.5522 ext 19

Meg Patch
Administrative Assistant
713.223.5522 ext 23

Jennifer Ward
Associate Curator and
Exhibitions Coordinator
713.223.5522 ext 18

Annick Dekiouk
Associate Exhibitions Coordinator and Curatorial Assistant
713.223.5522 ext 10

Vinod Hopson
Press and Website Coordinator
713.223.5522 ext 26

Zoe Goldman
Arab Projects Coordinator
713.223.5222 ext 15

Marta Sánchez Philippe
Meeting Place and
International Projects Coordinator
713.223.5522 ext 16

Alonso Tapia-Benitez
Special Projects and
Meeting Place Associate
713.223.5522 ext 13

Glenn Bailey
Literacy Though Photography
Program Manager
713.223.5522 ext 11

Joel Hernandez
Literacy Though Photography
Program Coordinator
713.223.5522 ext 12

Liz Wickersham
Auction Coordinator
713.223.5522 ext 14
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