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FotoFest 2014 Biennial


Exploring Creative Publishing
Artist Made Books and Electronic Photo Books

For Meeting Place Registrants, Artists, Arts Professionals, Art Lovers and the Public


A Two Part Creative Publishing Workshop

With Luis Delgado, Artist and Founder of Malulu Editions, and Stephen Woodall, Director of the Expanded Artist Books Program, Columbia College, Chicago.

Monday, March 24, 2014
DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston Downtown

The workshop is free to all Meeting Place Portfolio Review participants.

Registration is $50 for the general public and $25 for students.

Luis Delgado and Stephen Woodall will show how traditional book forms can connect with electronic media to expand the horizons of both creative and marketing practices.
They will demonstrate how moving past the practical and physical limitations of classical monograph can open new paths of creative thinking, and will help your work to be more widely seen and collected.

Luis Delgado
Photo courtesy of FotoSeptiembre

Photographic Artist Books and Print Folios - Luis Delgado

Artist photo books and print folios have acquired higher visibility in recent years. Their fine craftsmanship, creative vision and innovation can inspire one to expand one’s visual and narrative repertoire.

Luis Delgado will survey a broad spectrum of artist books with emphasis on books incorporating photography. Participants will be shown examples of conceptual books, illustrated journals, books as objects, modified (altered) books, and print folios.

Mr. Delgado will share personal stories of how creating photo-based artist books has offered new ways of using his existing photo archive for projects that go beyond the single image or folio of single images to create new forms powered by narrative. This approach to photo bookmaking offers an opportunity to tap into new audiences and markets beyond the traditional photo gallery circuits. This workshop will introduce resources to help you create your project and find appreciative new audiences for your work.


Stephen Woodall

Photobooks and Electronic Photo Books - Stephen Woodall

Stephen Woodall will show photo artists how books forms can include books that are born in digital formats, and consider how physical books can be augmented by means of or through digital editions.

For artists, the materiality of books has very often been intrinsic to meaning – by their very nature many artist books seem to resist electronic forms. At the same time electronic formats have a “magical ability to connect us with information, entertainment, and art”, says Mr. Woodall. Far from being a threat to the physical book, the advent of the electronic tablet opens a promising field of opportunity for book artists, and perhaps especially for photo-book artists. These opportunities are being explored in Chicago at the Center for Book and Paper Arts with a new NEA-funded research project called “Expanded Artists’ Books: Envisioning the Future of the Book.” Mr. Woodall will discuss this project and the possibilities it opens for photographers in exploring hybrid print/digital formats and why these are important to the development of a body of work.

Luis Delgado’s photographic prints and artist books have been widely exhibited and are held in many museums and private collections in Latin America, Europe, Asia, and the United States. Over time, his style has evolved from documentary photography to a more cinematic approach. He skillfully integrates narrative and the sequential still image to produce content-driven print folios and artist books with a social and historical message. Mr. Delgado began Malulu Editions, a book initiative to print and promote editioned artist books. Malulu Editions publishes artistic works of unique cultural significance by an international group of visual artists. Malulu Editions works are available as photo books, artist books, editioned folios, and fine art prints. Luis Delgado currently lives and works in San Francisco, California.

Stephen Woodall heads the Expanded Artist Books program at the Center for Book and Paper Arts at Columbia College in Chicago. This new program looks at the book in both physical and electronic forms as a natural destination for many genres of expression, including photography, and investigates the synergetic relationships between traditional and new media.  The program is also part of a larger initiative at Columbia that aims to envision and help implement the future of publishing by connecting many of the experimental approaches in use today. Mr. Woodall has organized and curated more than 70 exhibitions. He has written for Graphis, Contact Sheet, Stanford University Libraries, and Mimeo Mimeo, among others, and has contributed articles to more than 20 exhibition catalogues. He splits his time between Chicago and his home in San Francisco, where he serves on the board of Photo Alliance.

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The Workshops will be held in Downtown Houston at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Houston Downtown, 400 Dallas Street, Houston, TX, 77002 [map].

For more information please contact Alonso Tapia-Benitez, Meeting Place Associate, at or call 713-223-5522 ext. 13.

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