Benjamin Levy
Curatorial Assistant
Department of Prints, Drawing & Photographs, The Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD, USA

Benjamin Levy has been in the department of Prints, Drawings & Photographs for over 4 years. The Baltimore Museum of Art is a renowned institution soon to be celebrating its centennial anniversary. The Department of Prints, Drawings & Photographs maintains the Museum's collection of over 65,000 works on paper. The Museum has organized two major photography exhibitions in recent years, Looking through the Lens: Photography 1900—1960 (2008) and Seeing Now: Photography 1960 – Today (2011), along with a commitment to exhibiting photography throughout the newly renovated and reinstalled Contemporary Wing, including works from the collection and focus exhibitions such as Candida Höfer: Interior Worlds (2012), Front Room: Zwelethu Mthethwa (2012) and Front Room: An‐My Lê (2013). Mr. Levy works closely with colleagues to acquire works and mount exhibitions, as well as catalog and research both historic and contemporary photographs.

Mr. Levy is most interested in seeing established contemporary artists who are suitable for museum consideration. He can help prepare and offer professional development to photographers not yet in museum collections. He can offer critique of work from a technical and aesthetic point of view, as well as contemplating the conceptual rigor of an artistic practice. Mr. Levy would like to see bodies of work that balance a strong conceptual intention with an appreciation of the technique and history. Mr. Levy can also give critique to emerging photographers who show a commitment to growing their artistic practice.