Hava Gurevich
Art2Art, Lindenhurst, NY, USA

Hava Gurevich’s extensive background in photography stretches back over 25 years. His previous positions include freelance journalist, fashion photographer, fine artist, college instructor, gallery director, photography dealer and manager of a prestigious private photography collection. Currently she is the Director of art2art Circulating Exhibitions, a traveling exhibitions company that specializes in photography.

As a college art instructor at Illinois State University and Eureka College, Gurevich has been a mentor to numerous art students providing guidance, insight, and constructive critiques.  In her position as gallery director at Carol Ehlers Gallery in Chicago and Tom Gitterman Gallery in NYC, Gurevich worked with photography collectors and art consultants, reviewed countless portfolios, and participated in several international photography fairs including AIPAD. 

Gurevich is also the Executive Director of the Disfarmer Project, a program devoted to the reconstitution and study of the life and work of celebrated photographer Michael Disfarmer. In conjunction with this, Ms. Gurevich has curated two Disfarmer Exhibitions - one for the US market and one for the European market. Ms. Gurevich is also the associate producer of a feature film documentary about Disfarmer’s life that has been screened in the US, Canada, Australia and Europe.

Founded in 2004, art2art Circulating Exhibitions is an organization curates and tours photography exhibitions, is committed to providing high-quality collections on a wide range of topics that are accessible to regional museums, university art galleries, and other small or mid-size public institutions. As the founding director of art2art, Ms.Gurevich is responsible for scouting new shows, curating both solo and group exhibitions, and placing them in museums.

As a reviewer, Hava Gurevich brings to the table her wealth of knowledge and practical experience in the field of Photography. From the perspective of a practitioner, dealer and curator Ms Gurevich can offer critiques, insight, advice, and networking opportunities.  While open to reviewing all forms of photographic media and expression, she is most interested in reviewing work that might be appropriate for a museum show, as she is actively searching for new photography shows to add to art2art’s museum offerings. art2art’s exhibitions are content driven with a wide range of themes with an emphasis on work that addresses current events, multiculturalism, natural history, and anthropology.