Juan Alberto Gaviria Vélez
Gallery Director
Centro Colombo Americano de Medellín, Antioquia, Colombia
www.deseartepaz.blogspot.com, www.colomboworld.com

The Centro is a Cultural and Academic Institution that has been operating for 65 years with an alternative gallery space that does cutting edge exhibitions, most of them are a result of the Centro’s 2 week artist residency program. The Centro does not sale work and does not keep a collection.

Mr. Gaviria has been Gallery Director of the Colombo Gallery for over 20 years, he has been a reviewer at FotoFest since 1996, he has juried national salons, curated national and international exhibitions, and written and lectured extensively on the topic of how art is an important tool for social transformation and a key referent to the process of judging what “beauty” is in our time.  

He was a member of the research group program that developed Desearte Paz (www.deseartepaz.blogspot.com) and internationally REDesearte Paz (www.redeseartepaz.org).

Mr. Juan Alberto Gaviria  is also interested in finding candidates for participating as guest directors for the two week workshop in the alternative space (ex. www.deseartepaz.blogspot.com). The beneficiary(s) will be provided with international airfare, cost of exhibition mounting, housing, local transportation and per diem to direct a social artistic laboratory for 2014 - 15.

The selected artist/expert/photographer must be willing to give lectures (45 minutes) at an academic level to the high school students in the art in schools program; work or develop the workshop in conjunction with art university students or local artists or the targeted community.

Mr. Gaviria prefers to review works which reflect social and ecological issues (UN 2015 millennium objectives). He is also interested in works from other cultures, documentary photography, landscape, portraits, urban and human relations. He does not hesitate to give good advice to young photographers. He is not interested in works that required complicated mounting, especially 3D objects to be shipped, complex dependence with other media (multiple video beam projections, or uncommon digital equipment, etc.).  Mr. Gaviria can also individual exhibitions to be included in an international collective exhibition for 2015 (no international tickets are included).