Giorgio Gaburro, Owner, Beatrice Benedetti, Art Director
Boxart Gallery, Verona, Italy


Giorgio Gaburro, owner of Boxart Gallery in Verona (Italy) and Beatrice Benedetti, gallery art director, have been working together since 2006, although Boxart was founded in 1996. In 2006 they traveled around Asia, specifically to China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen) and South Korea (Seoul). Some of the talented artists they met, including the Gao Brothers, Liu Bolin and Kim Joon, had their first solo show in Italy organized by Boxart.

Boxart main interest is on international young and mid-career artists who work with photography as their primary medium. The works should be deeply meaningful, coherent and committed, as the result of a concept, performance or staged photography. Mr. Gaburro and Mag. Benedetti are not interested in reportage, social documentary or commercial photography.