Bridget Coaker
Director & Co-Founder, Troika Editions
Picture Editor, The Guardian and Observer
London, United Kingdom

Bridget Coaker is a London based Photo Editor working with the Guardian and Observer newspapers. She is also Director of Photography and co-founder of the contemporary photography gallery, Troika Editions, founded in 2008. She has curated a number of exhibitions including Seen But Not Heard, a presentation of European photographers working with the image of the child, and the retrospective show of photojournalist and filmmaker John Bulmer both a part of the Hereford Photography Festival where she was Director in 2009. Bridget has also lectured at many U.K. universities including the University for the Creative Arts, University of Derby and the Hereford College of Art. In 2011 she joined the steering committee of the FORMAT International Photography Festival and participated in the North East Photography Network Symposium Photography Publishing and the Future of the PhotoBook. Bridget has also written about photography for both online and print publications including 1000 Words, an online art photography magazine, and The Daily Telegraph. She is also a contributing writer for the book "Exhibiting Photography" published by Focal Press.

Bridget prefers to see work that is completed and ready for publication or exhibition. The work can either be Journalistic or art based, but it must be clear in its intent and purpose. She also prefers to see prints rather than laptop slide shows, unless pertinent to the presentation of the work. Her advice will center on the work shown with recommendations of how to move forward with publication and/or exhibitions, offer suggestions about social media and traditional forms of marketing projects, and provide advice on career progression. Some reviewees have been successful in finding outlets for their work and have won competitions as a consequence of discussing their work with Bridget.