Michaela Bosáková
Chief Curator and Project Manager
Central European House of Photography, Bratislava, Slovakia

Michaela Bosáková is the chief curator and project manager for the Central European House of Photography and FOTOFO Foundation, both of which are the organizers of the annual Month of Photography festival and have published several monographs and the major encyclopedia The History of European Photography of the 20th Century. Her main tasks at the Central European House of Photography are curating exhibitions in two galleries, finding new talents for exhibitions and for the festival, and managing the encyclopedia project. She writes reviews and cooperates with several Universities and Photography schools in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and elsewhere. She has been part of dozens of European festivals as a reviewer, curator, and lecturer. She is now preparing the second volume of the encyclopedia and helps with the coordination of the 23rd Month of Photography festival.

Ms. Bosáková is interested in finding new talent in photography art, progressive art, and documentary works with an original vision, sense for detail and a creative mind. She is also seeking a professional approach, even in unfinished projects.

She is willing to help emerging artists with advice on editing their portfolio, giving them ideas for working process, and assisting with presentation. She is also looking for professional artists who are searching for exhibition opportunities. The House for Photography can offer exhibition and representation opportunities to photographers with exceptional work.