Xavier Soule
CEO, Abvent Group
President, Galerie VU' and Agence VU'
Paris, France
www.agencevu.com, www.galerievu.com, www.laboutiquevu.com, www.abvent.com, bimobject.com, artlantis.com

Xavier Soule is the CEO of Abvent Group, from which he created VU’ Gallery in 1998. Extending the world famous photojournalist VU’ Agency, the gallery is today the largest gallery dedicated to the photography in Paris. Since 1985, Abvent provides digital technologies dedicated to architecture, image and design to over 108 countries.

Mr. Soule graduated as an Architect at the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (Ecole Nationale des Beaux-Arts). He has a PhD in History of Contemporary Art and a master’s degree in Sciences and Technology for Art Preservation (Paris 1-Sorbonne). He is a board member of several professional organizations, such as Sorbonne UFR04 and the Auguste Perret Association. From 2012-2013, Mr. Soule was dean of the Special School of Architecture (Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture), the oldest school of architecture in France.

Galerie Vu presents six exhibits a year. The aim is to affirm, on the walls, the diversity of contemporary stylistic photographic approaches, and to compare and contrast current viewpoints, so they can dialogue with their differences. Galerie VU' works like any other commercial gallery: it is simultaneously a space for exhibiting and selling collectors' editions, offering monograph approaches, authors' dialogues, group or thematic approaches. Some of the photographers represented by Gallery VU’ are Michael Ackerman, Roger Ballen, José Ramon Bas, Gabriele Basilico,Hicham Benohoud, Alain Bizos, Martin Bogren, Marrie Bot, and Jean-Christian Bourcart. Some of the photographers represented by VU’ Agency are Martina Bacigalupo, Massimo Berruti, Alain Bizos, Bruno Boudjelal,Juan Manuel Castro Prieto, and Kathryn Cook.