Joaquim Paiva
Private Collector, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Joaquim Paiva is a Brazilian photography collector and photographer, who has been collecting contemporary photography since 1978.  His collection is made up by the works of Brazilian photographers ( 2300 images by 220 professionals) and  international professionals (460 prints by 140 photographers) as well.  Mr. Paiva´s collection comprises a wide range of themes and techniques and has been exhibited in Brazil and abroad, including Buenos Aires in 1997, Houston FotoFest 1998, Lima 1999, Paris-Fondation Cartier 2001, São Paulo 2002 running parallel to the São Paulo International Biennial, Nice-France 2005 and the Museum of Modern Art (MAM) in Rio de Janeiro in 2006, 2008 and 2011. He donated more than 2/3 of his collection to MAM in 2005 and 2011. 

Mr. Paiva has been a reviewer at FotoFest since 2000.  He  has also reviewed at Buenos Aires Encuentros, FotoRio and  PhotoEspaña in Madrid, among others.  Mr. Paiva has been a jury for the online Critical Mass international photography contest organized by PhotoLucida, Portland, Oregon, USA, since 2005.  

Mr. Paiva exhibited his own work on Brazil´s capital city in Brasilia in April/May of 2010.  Part of this work was shown at IVAM, Valencia, Spain, in 2011, as well as in Mexico City, where the Centro de la Imágen owns 140 of his prints.  He has followed the international photography and art scene since the 1970´s, lectures about photography, and curates exhibitions of his collection.

Mr. Paiva is interested in reviewing most types of work, particularly fine art and experimental photography that is creative and in which the photographer is committed to quality, innovation, and contemporary issues.  Besides offering a critique and providing advice on the photographer´s work, Mr. Paiva will consider   purchasing photographs for his own collection.