Pedro Meyer, Photographer
Founder and Director
Fundación Pedro Meyer A.C., Mexico D.F., Mexico

Pedro Meyer is currently the Director of Pedro Meyer Foundation, founded in 2007.

Mr. Meyer is one of the pioneers and most recognized representatives of contemporary photography. He was the founder and president of the Consejo Mexicano de Fotografía (Mexican Council of Photography) and organizer of the first three Latin American Photography Colloquiums. Besides his artistic photographic work, Pedro Meyer has been a teacher in various prestigious institutions, as well as the curator, editor, founder and director of the renowned photography website ZoneZero, which hosts the work of over a thousand photographers from all over the world, and is visited by more than 200,000 people each month.

In 2004 Pedro Meyer set himself what seemed like an impossible goal: to hold the first world wide simultaneous retrospective. This project, titled Heresies, comprised of over 60 simultaneous exhibitions in 17 countries around the world, a data base containing his entire life's work (+350,000 images and documents) and a book with the same title. This worldwide retrospective was celebrated during October 2008. More information on this project is available in

In 2007 Pedro Meyer created The Pedro Meyer Foundation to contribute to reflection, interpretation, and research regarding the photographic image within the framework of the new technologies. He is currently the Foundation's director and a very prolific artist whose personal work is constantly provoking philosophical questions and exploring technological changes.

Mr. Meyer is interested in seeing resolved bodies of work, and works-in-progress, which show conceptual strength and originality of vision.