Anna Gripp
Editor in Chief
Photonews, Hamburg, Germany

Anna Gripp has been Editor of Photonews since 1989, and today she shares the position of Editor in Chief with Denis Brudna.

Photonews is a magazine focused on the cultural aspects of photography. It is published ten times a year in German, and it is distributed in Germany, Austria and Switzerland with worldwide subscriptions. Photonews contains reports on international photography festivals and events, interviews with persons of interest from the photography scene, exhibitions and book reviews, and updates on recent news from universities, scholarship awards and photo prizes. In each issue, Photonews publishes a mixture of different portfolios from emerging and established artists, including documentary, photojournalism, conceptual and fine art photography.

Ms. Gripp is open to different fields of photography. She does not wish to see traditional nudes, flowers and commercial work for advertisement.

Ms. Gripp has been in a reviewer at FotoFest's Meeting Place for the past 5 biennials, and she has often presented work at Photonews of photographers discovered at portfolio reviews. Because of her good contacts with galleries, museums and publishers, she is also able to help photographers with referrals and suggestions.