Luis Delgado
Malulu Editions, San Francisco, CA, USA

Luis Delgado is the founder and publisher of Malulu Editions which publishes artistic works of unique cultural significance by an international group of visual artists.

Malulu Editions works are available as photo books, artist books, editioned folios, and fine art prints which are housed in many national and international institutions as well as individual collectors.  He has wide experience as an artist book maker and exhibiting artist.

Luis Delgado Qualtrough is interested in seeing work that explores narrative and creating different forms of content delivery via new media, books and prints. He can offer advice and critical referrals as well as the possibility of collaborating with Malulu Editions. He is reviewing in conjunction with Steve Woodall from the Center of book and paper in Chicago and will be collaborating on exhibition projects with him. Mr. Delgado is not interested in commercial photography.