Alyssa Coppelman
Independent Photo Editor
Austin, TX, USA

Alyssa Coppelman is an independent photo editor based in Austin, Texas. From 2004-2012 she was Assistant Art Director at Harper’s Magazine, where she assisted with the editing of photo essays by Peter Turnley and Lynsey Addario, among others, and she continues to freelance for them. She has also worked as picture researcher for Oxford American magazine, where she focused on finding stories about the South. She is a regular contributor to Feature Shoot, and has written for Slate and Hatje Cantz’s fotoblog. Last year, she was a judge of Photolucida’s Critical Mass photo contest, and recently she co-curated Slideluck Austin. She consults on the design, editing, and sequencing of photo books, and designed the photo book accompaniment to the award-winning documentary film, Herd In Iceland. Ms. Coppelman consults with photographers to edit their portfolios, helping them present their strongest work in the most cohesive way.

While Ms. Coppelman’s interest is broad, it would be most relevant for her to see fine art and documentary photography, either in cohesive story form or looser, less linear groups of images. In general, commercial and fashion photography would be of less interest to her though she is open to seeing any work that uses a thoughtful approach. Print or digital portfolios are both acceptable, as are books and book mock-ups. Ms. Coppelman can offer advice on developing photo stories, suggest powerful sequencing, and streamline existing bodies of work. She can also provide guidance on book design and sequencing. For photographers wishing to develop relationships with magazines, she can advise how to best target potential clients. She recommends photographers to Harper’s Magazine and other notable publications on a regular basis, and she is always searching for work new to her. Several photographers she was introduced to via Critical Mass have been published in Harper’s and featured on Slate.