Lisa Woodward, Curator
Mia Dalglish, Co-Curator and Exhibitions Director
Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, Indiana, USA

Lisa Woodward and Mia Dalglish currently serve as portfolio reviewers for national and international conferences and photography festivals (such as Photolucida, FotoFest, the Society of Photographic Education, and the International Center Photography, among others.) They also serve as guest critics for university classrooms and conduct studio visits at various MFA programs. They have curated many photographic exhibitions in the last two years, including MANMADE, Tiksi, and Fables + Fictions. Mia is an alumnus of the Indiana University Photography Program. Upon graduation she worked at the International Center for Photography in the Digital Media Department. Lisa is an alumnus of the Rhode Island School of Design's photography program.

Although a relatively young gallery, Pictura has gained a reputation for its nuanced exhibits and has come into the public eye as a thoughtful new venue for emerging and established artists. The gallery specializes in contemporary photography, focusing on strong formal sensibilities and depth of content.

Lisa and Mia are interested to see portfolios that demonstrate a cohesive and carefully edited body of work. However, photographers are also encouraged to bring additional prints from their series (possibly some that have been excluded from the edit) to further theconversation if time allows. What they would like to see: excellent craft, a balance of aesthetic and conceptual concerns, emotionally moving work with well-considered ideas. They do not want to see: strictly commercial photography, purely conceptual work with no visual or emotional impact, or vise versa.

Lisa and Mia can offer critique and feedback about your work and help push you towards making it gallery ready. If the work is a good fit for the gallery and its programing, exhibition opportunities may be offered at a later date. Pictura intentionally represents a small number of carefully chosen photographers, but is open to considering new artist representation. In order to be considered for exhibition, projects do not need to be completed, but must show a high degree of thought, cohesion and resolution. Lisa and Mia prefer to see actual prints that exemplify your best abilities as a craftsman (even if they are not at actual exhibition size.