Pavel Banka
Editor in Chief, FOTOGRAF Magazine, Prague, Czech Republic

Pavel Banka co-founded FOTOGRAF magazine in 2002, and has been chief editor since then. FOTOGRAF is a semi-annual comprehensive 120-page magazine that publishes the work of photographers and other artists working in photography and related arts. FOTOGRAF magazine is being published in two mutations. One is in English. Each issue is focused on one common theme and featuring both Czech and international artists in a wide range from emerging to established ones. By Christmas 2013 anew, electronic version of FOTOGRAF magazine was launched for Android Tablets & IPads.

Since 2009 FOTOGRAF Gallery exists in the center of Prague and in October 2011 FOTOGRAF Festival, annual photo festival based in Prague started. All of these activities are open for artists working in field of photography and related media.  FOTOGRAF Platform is an umbrella covering all three activities – magazine, gallery and festival. Pavel Banka is a founder and a chairman of FOTOGRAF Platform.

Mr. Banka is most interested in seeing work, which is personal, innovative and attempts to open the range of photography toward a new perspective of contemporary art. There are no restrictions for the subject of work; only the originality and the freshness are important

Mr. Banka looks forward to seeing the artists who will bring a new vision to the contemporary photography art scene. Innovative, fresh work will get a chance to be published in FOTOGRAF Magazine.