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FotoFest 2014 Biennial

The International Meeting Place

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Session 3 / March 25 - 28, 2014

[List as of: March 11, 2014]

IMPORTANT - Please be aware that last minute changes may occur.

The 2014 International Meeting Place Portfolio Review for Artists is March 15 - April 2, 2014, in Houston during the FotoFest 2014 Biennial.

Meeting Place Reviewers are museum curators, gallery owners, magazine editors, representatives of photography agencies, collectors and publishers. They are carefully selected for their ability and willingness to help artists to develop their careers with exhibitions, publications, and guidance for future career development.

Liz Anders, Principal, Liz Anders & Associates, Houston, TX, USA

Pavel Banka, Editor-in-Chief, Fotograf Magazin, Prague, Czech Republic

Selva Barni, Editor, Fantom Magazine, Milano, Italy

Evgeny Berezner, Deputy General Director, ROSIZO State Center for Museums and Exhibitions, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Moscow, Russia

Howard Bossen, Adjunct Curator of Photography, Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, MI, USA

David Bram, Editor in Chief, Fraction Magazine, Albuquerque, NM, USA

Maryann Camillieri, Founder, Magenta Foundation, Toronto, ON, Canada

Jean Caslin & Diane Griffin Gregory, Founders, Caslin Gregory & Associates, Consultants for Arts and Culture, Houston, TX, USA

Darren Ching, Owner, Klompching Gallery, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Irina Chmyreva & Masha Goldman, Photovisa International Festival of Photography, Krasnodar, Russia

Alyssa Coppelman, Independent Photo Editor, Austin, TX, USA

Karen Davis, Owner, Davis Orton Gallery, Hudson, NY, USA

Alexis Desgagnés, Artistic Director, Vu Photo, Quebec, QC, Canada

Bevin Bering Dubrowski, Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX, USA

James Estrin, Editor, Lens Blog, The New York Times, New York, NY, USA

Diane Evans, Gallery Manager, Presentation House Gallery, North Vancouver, BC, Canada

William A. Ewing, Director of Curatorial Projects, Thames & Hudson, London, United Kingdom

Hannah Frieser, Independent Curator, Syracuse, NY, USA

Nina Gomiashvili, Director, Pobeda Gallery, Moscow, Russia

Anna Gripp, Editor in Chief, PHOTONEWS, Hamburg, Germany

Natalie Herschdorfer, Festival Director, Alt. +  1000 Festival, Rossinière, Switzerland

Maiza Hixson, Curator of Contemporary Art, Delaware Center for the Contemporary Arts, Wilmington, DE, USA

Karen Irvine, Associate Director, Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, IL, USA

Adrianne Johnson, Senior Associate, Kinzelman Art Consulting, Houston, TX, USA

Cathy Kimball, Executive Director, San Jose Institute of Contemporary Art, San Jose, CA USA

Frazier King, Board & Exhibitions Committee Member, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX, USA

Geoffery Koslov, Private Collector, Houston, TX, USA

Maria Guadalupe Lara, Director, Foto Museo Cuatro Caminos, Mexico D.F., Mexico

Shane Lavalette, Director, Light Work, Syracuse, NY, USA

Pedro Meyer, Founder and Director, ZoneZero, Mexico D.F., Mexico

Charles Dee Mitchell, Freelance Writer and Collector, Dallas, TX, USA

Elizabeth Mitchell, Curator of Photographs, Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA

Rebecca Morse, Associate Curator, Photography Department , LACMA, Los Angeles, CA, USA

Joan Morgenstern, Private Collector, Houston, TX, USA

Joaquim Paiva, Private Collector, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Allison Pappas, Curatorial Assistant - Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, USA

Christopher Rauschenberg, Co-curator and Board Chair, Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, OR, USA

John Rohrbach, Senior Curator of Photographs, Amon Carter Museum, Ft. Worth, TX, USA

Rixon Reed, Founder and Director, photo-eye, Santa Fe, NM, USA

Johan Sjöström, Curator of Exhibitions, Gothenburg Museum of Art, Gothenburg, Sweden

Xavier Soule, President & Director, Galerie VU, Paris, France
Harvey Stein, Director of Photography, Umbrella Arts Gallery, New York, NY, USA

Juan Travnik, Director, FotoGaleria del Teatro, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anne Wilkes Tucker, Curator of Photography, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, USA
Wolfgang Vollmer, Contributing Editor, Camera Austria, Cologne, Germany
Clint Willour, Curator, Galveston Arts Center, Galveston, TX, USA

Lisa Woodward & Mia Dalglish, Curator & Co-Curator, Pictura Gallery, Bloomington, IN, USA

Joanne Junga Yang, Director, Y&G Art, Global Contemporary Project, Seoul, Korea
Susan A. Zadeh, Photography Director & C.E.O, EYEMAZING Editions, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Del Zogg, Manager, Works on Paper & Photography Collections, The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, TX, USA


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