Manfred Zollner
Photo Editor
fotoMAGAZIN, Hamburg, Germany

fotoMAGAZIN is a monthly periodical with a print run of 70,000 copies. In Germany the magazine is one of the leading photography periodicals with a long  publishing tradition reaching back over more than 60 years.

In 1987 Mr. Zollner received his degree in Mass Communications at Munich University and began his career as a film critic in the same year, working as an editor for several film magazines in Munich utill 1991. After that he decided to devote himself completely to photography. He started working for fotoMAGAZIN  in 1991 as Director of Photography. From October 2003 to February 2006 he was Editor in Chief of the German bimonthly magazine Photo Techik International (now published as Photo International). He returned fulltime to fotoMAGAZIN in 2006, where he took the position of Managing Editor in March 2007. Since 2012 he is also publishing an annual fine art photography XXL-sized publication called fotoMAGAZIN EDITION.  In addition to his editorial work, Mr. Zollner is a regular contributor of essays to international photo book projects.

Mr. Zollner can offer opportunities to publish outstanding photographer´s work in fotoMAGAZIN´s six page portfolio and online-portfolios on the magazine´s website, and in print in fotoMAGAZIN EDITION. The monthly magazine also promotes  and sells occasional Fine Art Edition Prints of photographers (for which he will also be selecting images) and makes a point of introducing new talent to its readers. Once a year fotoMAGAZIN  gives away a New Talent Award and is also preparing a special New Talent issue.

Mr. Zollner is happy to discuss the photographer´s work, and give advice with information on the German photography market (publishing houses, magazines, galleries, museums etc). He is looking for signature style work in any field of photography, work that shows the photographer´s individual approach to a chosen subjet.