Sujong Song
Independent Curator
Seoul, South Korea

Sujong served on the committees for the Angkor Photo Festival and the World Health Organization’s Stop TB Photo Award. She organized the 2012 Mario Giacomelli exhibition at the Museum of Photography in Seoul, and a show commemorating the 1980 Gwangju Massacre at the GoEun Museum of Photography in 2013. She is involved in programming One Day Shot, a 24-hour archival porject, and a young photographer’s fellowship, both of which are hosted by KT&G’s influential cultural branch Sangsang Madang. Sujong has also worked in broadcast, helping create shows for the national broadcasting system KBS and the English-language Arirang TV.

She was on the judging panels for World Press Photo, Flash Forward, and Photo Lucida, among numerous photography awards. Sujong currently writes a column on photography for the daily Kyunghyang Shinmun, was a guest photo editor for the Madrid-based OjodePez, and was formerly the editor-in-chief of GEO-Korea. She earned a master’s degree in visual culture from Korea University. 

As a portfolio reviewer, she is interested in a range of work that includes documentary and fine art photography. Sujong is particularly keen to see work imbued with an awareness of social, cultural, or contemporaneous issues. Alternatively, she is not interested in commercial, fashion, and nude photography. With her diverse career and broad international network, she would like to help build new connections between photographers and publications, galleries, and festivals — both in Korea and elsewhere.