Stephanie Heimann
Freelance Photo Editor
Photo Editor, Tricycle Magazine
Founder and Director, Fovea Exhibitions, New York, NY, USA,

Stephanie Heimann is a freelance photography editor.

Currently the Photo Editor for Tricycle Magazine (focusing on Buddhist views), Ms Heimann is concurrently working on a new environmental science textbook with Macmillan, and does freelance art buying. Additionally Ms. Heimann is the founder of the non-profit Fovea Exhibitions, where in a volunteer capacity she acts as director, overseeing topical exhibits on newsworthy and social issues.

She was Al Gore's Photo Editor on both the iPad and hard copy book versions of "Our Choice" --the follow up title to "Inconvenient Truth".  Based in New York, she has worked at many national and international magazines including Newsweek, Fortune Small Business, Luxury SpaFinder Magazine, New York Magazine, and Scientific American. She spent 8 years living as an expatriate in Hong Kong and Moscow, where she worked as a photojournalist and photo editor, covering post-Soviet culture and the first war in Chechnya. Ms. Heimanns's involvement with photography has included curatorial projects, portfolio reviews, judging of competitions, and lectures in high schools and college programs.

At FotoFest, Ms Heimann is most interested in seeing art photography that has a strong conceptual vision, as well as narrative projects, and portraiture for potential assignments. She has a special interest in issues that focus on the environment, either from a documentary or artistic perspective. She can offer general portfolio advice and suggestions relevant to the editorial photography market. Many photographers she has met through portfolio reviews have been hired, published, or exhibited within the various projects she is engaged in.

Ms Heimann is not interested in seeing nudes or fashion photography.