Hanna Frieser
Independent Curator
Syracuse, New York, NY, USA

Hannah Frieser is a curator, photographer and book artist. She has worked on dozens of curatorial projects with contemporary photographers such as Pipo Nguyen-duy, Kanako Sasaki, Don Gregorio Antón, Rachel Herman, Ben Gest, Alexander Gronsky, Shen Wei, and Adam Magyar. She also organized extended exhibition projects with Suzanne Opton and Barry Anderson, which included multiple venues, billboards, and outdoor video projections. Her essays have been printed in photography publications such as Contact Sheet and Nueva Luz, and monographs by Susan kae Grant, David Taylor and more.

Ms. Frieser served as the director of Light Work, an artist-run organization in Syracuse, NY, for over eight years, and in various positions for the Society of Photographic Education for over ten years. She has reviewed portfolios and juried exhibitions internationally for Photo Lucida, Critical Mass, FotoFest, En Foco, Rhubarb Rhubarb, the Photographic Resource Center, the FotoTriennale.dk, and more. She has served on the review panel for Visual Arts for the New York State Council on the Arts.

In 2010, she co-chaired an SPE National Conference with Miriam Romais from En Foco. The conference theme was "Facing Diversity: Leveling the Playing Field in the Photographic Arts." She also chaired the 2011 SPE Regional Conference for the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, with the conference theme "Photographers + Publishing." Ms. Frieseris currently traveling abroad to pursue a curatorial research project. She is also working on multiple writing projects and juried exhibitions. Additional information can be found at www.hannahfrieser.com

Ms. Frieser is especially interested in reviewing work by photographers, who understand their intentions as artists. She is actively seeking an international mix of artists, who are at a critical point of their career and would benefit from exposure through exhibitions and essays. While interested in all types of portfolios, only limited feedback can be provided to commercial portfolios, traditional nudes or travel photography. As a reviewer, she offers professional feedback and opportunities within the field. Portfolios may be presented as completed bodies of work or mid-project.