Bevin Bering Dubrowski
Executive Director, Houston Center for Photography
Editor, Spot Magazine
Houston, Texas, USA

Bevin Bering Dubrowski is Executive Director of Houston Center for Photography, a nonprofit organization founded in 1981 offering year-round exhibitions, workshops, publications, outreach programs, lectures, and classes. HCP's mission is to increase society's understanding and appreciation of photography and its evolving role in contemporary culture, and produces 15 - 20 exhibitions annually on and off-site, balancing work by regional and internationally acclaimed emerging, mid-career, and established artists.

Bevin collaborates with HCP's staff, Exhibitions Committee, and visiting curators to organize exhibitions at HCP. She also curates exhibitions and events, always with the goal of bringing recognition to an artist's perspective. Bevin is also the editor of Spot magazine, which has been published since 1982. Bevin has led the re-design of Spot to return to it's interview-focused format, and recently led the creation of Spot's website and online programming.

Bevin is interested in seeing work to be considered for exhibition at Houston Center for Photography and to be published in Spot magazine. She would prefer to see work that has not been previously exhibited or is scheduled to be shown in Houston. Bevin is an energetic reviewer who cares deeply in helping artists realize their vision. It is lovely to see complete bodies of work, but she also considers it a privilege to hear about and see new ideas and recent starts. To view recent solo and group exhibitions, and to view the online version of Spot magazine, please visit Members of the HCP Staff or Board of Directors may be joining Bevin at the review table.