Karen Sinsheimer
Curator of Photography
Santa Barbara Museum of Art, Santa Barbara, CA, USA

Karen Sinsheimer has served as Curator of Photography for the past twenty two years at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art in Santa Barbara, California.
The Santa Barbara Museum of Art began exhibiting photographs in 1941, the year the Museum opened, though the first curator was not hired until the 1970s.  The collection is comprised of approximately 6,000 photographs with emphases on works from the Western Pacific Rim, work addressing the intersections of art and science, and contemporary work from all practitioners.
Over the past twenty years, Ms. Sinsheimer has organized numerous exhibitions, and she has produced publications for fifteen exhibitions that have traveled internationally.

She has served on various panels and has been a portfolio reviewer at FotoFest, PhotoLucida, The Center at Santa Fe, and Palm Springs Photography Festival as well as  on-line for quarterly JGS, Inc. contests and Critical Mass.

As a portfolio reviewer, Ms. Sinsheimer seeks to understand the goals of each photographer and to offer curatorial insight and guidance that may help each participant to realize those goals.  She is most interested in reviewing one or two cohesive bodies of work about which the photographer is passionate -- from alternative processes to video and new media.  She is not interested in reviewing commercial work.