Martha S. Schneider
Owner and Director
Schneider Gallery, Chicago, IL, USA

Martha S. Schneider, is the Director and owner of the Schneider Gallery in Chicago. Schneider Gallery is an Art Gallery totally dedicated to exhibiting photographic art. The gallery has been in operation for 21 years at the same location.

Mrs. Schneider studied Art History at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina and emigrated to USA in 1964. Opened her first gallery in 1983, and since l989 has been representing photographers, after relocating to Chicago from Highland Park, IL.

Mrs. Schneider is most interested in very personal approach to photography, surrealist twists, constructed photography preferred. In general she is not interested in straight landscape, though she likes sometimes cityscapes.

Mrs. Schneider can offer exhibition possibilities in the Gallery, The gallery has represented more than a few artist reviewed at Fotofest, like: Thomas Kellner; Martina Lopez, Magdalena Campos Pons, and more recently Rania Matar, Natan Dvir and Pablo Gimenez Zapiola. She can also help with advice with portfolio representation, and suggest other galleries to approach.