Ute Noll
Director, On Photography and Illustration
Photo Editor, Du Magazin
Stuttgart, Germany


In addition to her new job as Photo Editor at Du Magazin, Ute Noll continues working as a college lecturer, author and curator. Since 2007, Ute Noll runs the agency, On Photography & Illustration and the gallery, UNO ART SPACE in Stuttgart, Germany. She writes regularly about new talent, and has developed books such as “Hijacked 2 - Australian and German Photography” (Kehrer Verlag, Heidelberg) and magazines like, Ojo de pez, edition # 15 "I want to be happy" (La Fabrica, Madrid). She has curated exhibitions with other curators at international locations, including at the Australian Center of Photography; Gallery Zephyr, Mannheim, Germany; and at Darmstädter Photography Days. Additionally from 1999 up until the last issue in 2007, Ute Noll was Co-founder and Photo Editor for Frankfurter Rundschau Magazine.

Ute Noll is interested in projects that capture a concrete artistic theme, in experimental or documentary form, and capture an independent view of the chosen subject.