Geoffrey Koslov
Private Collector
Board and Exhibition Committee Member, Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX, USA


Geoffrey Koslov has for years been involved with, and a supporter of, the Houston photographic arts community.  He is on the Board of the Houston Center for Photography (HCP), a former member of its Executive Committee, and a current member of its Exhibitions Committee.  He also services on the Photography Collections Committee of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston.   Mr. Koslov has been a long time member of Houston Photographic Society and serves on the Executive Committee as its Portfolio Review Chairman, presented on “Preparation for a Portfolio Review” and organized review sessions.

For the last several FotoFest biennals, Mr. Koslov has spent time in the Meeting Place with photographers and reviewers from around the world. He will enjoy sharing those insights and lessons learned to help an emerging photographer take the next step in their fine arts career development.

Mr. Koslov is a collector of photography.   He is interested in seeing work that creatively uses today’s tools to push the boundaries of photography to create new a new vision, expression or intriguing images around themes real or imagined.   He does not wish to view commercial photography or landscapes.