Lorenzo Fusi
Artistic Director
Open Eye Gallery, Liverpool, United Kingdom


Lorenzo Fusi is the Artistic Director of Open Eye Gallery. Founded in 1977, Open Eye is one of the oldest photography galleries in the UK and features amongst the most established and active institutions dedicated to lens-based practices in Europe. Prior to this appointment, Fusi curated the 2010 and 2012 reiterations of the Liverpool Biennial, respectively entitled Touched and The Unexpected Guest. In 2012 he also curated a suite of three retrospective exhibitions for the Galleria Civica di Modena (Italy), bringing together the work of Peter Hujar, Mark Morrisroe and Jack Smith under the collective title Changing Difference: Queer Politics and Shifting Identities.

Previously, Lorenzo Fusi was Chief Curator at SMS contemporanea and Palazzo delle Papesse Contemporary Art Centre in Siena (Italy). During this time, he curated numerous solo presentations (Gordon Matta-Clark, Barbara Kruger and Cyprien Gaillard, just to name a few) and co-curated group shows such as System Error and .ZA, Young Art From South Africa.

His latest publishing endeavor is a monographic book devoted to the oeuvre of Alfredo Jaar (Exòrma Edizioni, 2012 Rome), focusing on the relations between art and history. Along with his professional commitments, Fusi has extensively lectured in several universities about Art History, Art Theory and Curatorial Studies. He is also a Jury Member of the Prix International d'Art Contemporain at the Fondation Prince Pierre, and a Board Member of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (Monaco).

Fusi is interested in reviewing portfolios and discussing work that questions the role photography plays in shaping contemporary visual culture, thus actively contributing to current debates around societal issues in the realms of politics. Practitioners whose work positions photography outside its comfort zone (looking beyond the canonic definitions associated to the medium) are particularly welcomed. Preference is given to lens-based practices that focus on the individual and collective political body (identity, gender, ethnicity, assimilation, conflict, racialization, and racism, etc.) and operate at the intersection between fine art, documentation and photojournalism. Additionally, Fusi is interested in re-appropriation and use of archival materials, topics that are areas of his research and expertise.