Nela Eggenberger
EIKON – International Magazine for Photography and Media Art, Vienna, Austria

Nela Eggenberger has been working in the editorial team of EIKON for three years and since September 2013 in the position of the editor-in-chief. The magazine is a quality international quarterly exploring photography and media art. Ever since its founding in 1991, the journal has featured well-researched articles as well as extensive illustrations in each issue. Beneath the tasks of the chief editor Ms. Eggenberger's current textual responsibilities include the selection of artists exhibiting in EIKON SchAUfenster—the society's own show room in Vienna's Museums Quartier/quartier21, the nomination of artists for the artist-in-residence programme at quartier21, as well as participating in photo festivals as a lecturer or portfolio reviewer. Ms. Eggenberger studied history of art with a focus on contemporary photography. Prior to her participation in EIKON she worked for several cultural institutions based in Vienna (e.g. MUMOK, Galerie WestLicht) and art magazines.

Ms. Eggenberger is most interested in conceptual and personal bodies of work and appreciates a good sense for compositions and craftsmanship. As EIKON's focus lies on up-and-coming art photographers should ideally not be much older than 35 years and should primarily present their latest projects. The works should be presented as printed photographs or, if existing, monographs; if possible screen-based presentations should only be used for works still in progress. Ms. Eggenberger is not interested in seeing commercial, fashion or documentary photography. She can offer young exceptional artists the opportunity to publish their work in EIKON or recommend them as an artist-in-residence for quartier21.