Sam Barzilay
Creative Director
United Photo Industries, Brooklyn, New York, NY, USA,

Sam Barzilay serves as the Creative Director of United Photo Industries, a gallery focusing on contemporary photography that revolves around social documentary, and conceptual themes. He is also the co-founder of PHOTOVILLE, a new pop-up photo destination that made its debut on the Brooklyn waterfront in the summer of 2012.

Prior to founding United Photo Industries and launching the United Photo Industries Gallery, he was the Director of the New York Photo Festival. In his dual capacity as curator and festival organizer, he has had the pleasure and privilege of curating photo exhibitions and lecturing on current trends in contemporary photography as far afield as China, Greece, USA, and Japan.

As a portfolio reviewer, Mr. Barzilay offers participants professional development, guidance, and curatorial insight as well as possible exhibition opportunities at his own gallery and numerous photography festivals around the world. He is most interested in viewing tightly-edited bodies of photographic work that are nearing completion. Mr. Barzilay would prefer not to review commercial or fashion photography, or work focusing on traditional nudes.